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Eternal Online - not just another free browser based MMORPG in which static characters are exchanged blows patterned on a flat stage. Our game is developing revolutionary advances in brauzerok should itself sets a new standard of quality. Eternal Online - is a three-dimensional map, it is - isometric figures, it is - in real fights and real-time, and finally, a full-slasher a la Diablo, only without the client directly in your browser. show a detailed description of Game Eternal Online is a free browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), carried out on the model of steampunk and fantasy genres. Players Eternal Online game client will receive the level of play, but only directly in its own browser. Eternal Online game based on the new upgraded engine that supports three-dimensional maps, isometric 3D graphics, real-time battles (meaning real-time, not turn-based, as in the browser-based RPG games) and real, and with the participation of a large the number of players and monsters and, best of all, absolutely free. Eternal World Online game has two sides: The Empire Setra, which focuses on art, and the Republic of Nax, which is a high-tech. You will be in the Eternal Online play and get acquainted with two classes - warriors and assassins, as well as a five peaceful occupations, two dozens of unique NPC, bots and all information necessary for an exciting game mechanics: single pumping, for example, survival, arena fights by the rules and uncontrolled zone PvP. In Eternal Online you will find a large number of quests. Each month, game add-ons can bring all the players to new things and tasks. If you missed the game with a browser for the wonderful graphics, unique content, streamlined gameplay, and without customers, the game Eternal Online is right for you. Before playing Eternal Online, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Join in the game Eternal Online does not take a lot of time and easy: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password, and repeat it; Select "Done" and Eternal Online registration is completed. Eternal Online is a fantasy browser game with battles in real time. Strategy can be called a perfect example of what goes into oblivion times clones of Fight Club, their characters are static, flat arena and turn-based battles. Eternal Online pleasantly different from similar games is not so much an event in real-time battles as three-dimensional maps, and stunning locations huge chance to take part in mass events. Despite the fact that the classes in the Eternal Online still only two: the assassins and swordsmen, do not get too scared, because this project is young, the developers talk of the emergence of new heroes, even with a great chance to change the original class to something else. If we talk about the gameplay game Eternal Online, it is pleasantly different from similar games with battles in real time. This applies to both PvP (the game can organize large-scale battles with dozens of characters), and to PvE. If you're not a fan of bloody battles, the Eternal Online game will give you a little peace of professions. You will be able to fish, cut trees, hunting - all of this is also quite interesting, if you will bring significant income. In order to protect players from botovodstva, the developers have made to this project automation of certain processes. This means that while you are doing some kind of their own thing, the character Eternal Online will be able to catch their own fish and more. A nice addition to all the above is fairly responsive administration. All users can play Eternal Online and play and take part in building a new world, so if you feel the desire to help developers, then hurry up!
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