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The game EVE online - amazing game online, which includes a plurality of role-playing, simulation and strategy space. show a detailed description of The game EVE online - amazing game online, which includes a plurality of role-playing, simulation and strategy space. EVE online - a massively multiplayer game where players can take part from all over the globe. An unusual way assumes EVE online registration. First of all, administrators gaming site provides: Create your account. It is FREE. Validity is limited to two weeks. For its execution the following information: - Your e-mail address; - A fictitious user name; - The code of high complexity and repeat it to confirm; - Click "Create Account." Next to load the game client. For different operating systems (Windows and Mac OS) different game clients. Then you view the video version of guidance on the game EVE online. After viewing this information, which can be of benefit. After that, start to play the game trial. Play EVE online rather be the one power settings on your computer is not listed below: • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo (AMD Athlon 3600 + x2). • Memory 1 Gb. • Video 128 Mb DirectX 9. • Hard disk drive (HDD) is not less than 20 Gb. EVE online you have to play at a distance from the first trip into space future. EVE online feature of the project is the ability to improve the character itself without your intervention, although training is quite long lasting. In EVE online free to develop your character you can, making these actions: Mining - the materials needed for construction, as well as space stations, ammunition and vehicles. You will be required for the production of drawings and copies thereof. With regards to trade, here you are selling and buying. The market is formed by the players themselves. In EVE online but you are the leader of a faction. There are four: 1), the Caldari State, 2) the Amarr Empire, 3) Minmatar Republic, 4) The Gallente Federation. By creating your character, you are faced with another choice:  Prinazhlezhnost to one of the factions;  On grounds of sex;  Belonging to the race of your character;  The external image. The gameplay shows that EVE online - this is one of the most exciting and perfect among computer games. It should only take you a trial period, certainly not going to regret the time you spent to play EVE online. Enough delay! Sign up soon! Remember, registration will take you minutes and spent a little, but positive emotions will remain with you for a long time. Also, you can try your hand at a trial account in EVE online. You will be fascinated by the world of EVE online and multiple mystery. It is likely that the winner of the game is you! So in turn, we wish you every success in passing all stages of the game, as well as many bright impressions and new special experiences.
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