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Game Fallout: Revival Online is a massively multiplayer online game, which is developed on the existence of the world after the end of the world on Earth. show a detailed description of In the game Fallout: Revival Online registration is fast enough, as the site interface is presented in Russian. To register you must complete the following steps: 1) Find the site of the game Fallout: Revival Online on the Internet. For example, to search, you can use the search engine Yandex. 2) Then, in front of you on the main page of the site once the registration form is located. You consistently have to complete all of its fields. 3) In the first line you need to enter your username. This is your unique name for the game. 4) Then select the gender for your character. 5) Next, enter your E-mail (e-mail). 6) Then you must enter your password. It should only be used for this game. 7) And after the last action, click on the "Register" button. Play online game Fallout: Revival Online can only registered users. In the game Fallout: Revival Online play you'll be in a small town, which is called the Water City. This is the only place that survived the disaster. In order to make your existence goes well you are given the following items: - Housing - a place where you will live; - The market - you can buy all the necessary things; - The bank - a place where you can get the money; - A bar with a drink - here you can relax. - Shop of armor - it is possible to purchase all the necessary items for protection. - Weapon shop - you can buy weapons to which you have granted access. And there are other places where there are fights and other events. The free browser game Fallout: Revival Online, you have several types of battles: 2) Against the other participants. In this mode, you can fight in groups and alone. In the game you can provide themselves with food, security and add energy within it, buy everything you need in order to win. Fallout: Revival Online is a game that will allow you to buy a lot for himself and his friends. Allow yourself to feel like a real hero who boritsya against evil for the sake of the surroundings. Know that you are a true champion you all must get! Good luck to you in this difficult, but heroic is!
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