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FEAR - the acronym stands for Federal Response unit of activity show a detailed description of R - the acronym stands for Federal Response unit of activity. Game F. R - is a browser-based multiplayer game is in fact a first person shooter genre terrible thriller, in the sense of horror and thriller alloy. This game was created by Monolith Productions, a publisher acted Sierra Entertainment. The main objective of F. R online: elimination telepath Paxton Vettel, who commands an army of militant clones. The protagonist must find a connection between the mysterious girl, Alma, bloodthirsty Vettel, corporation Armacham. From a technical point of view to play the game F. R is very nice. The game is very clear textures, soft lighting and pleasant shade, well made model, present a wonderful animation, and even dazzling sparks, thick clouds of dust, very realistic effect "over the air waves." All this indicates a good game engine. In order to personally verify all this you need to first go through the process F. R registration. It does not take much of your time, as it in the game is quite simple: • visit the game's official website; • Create and enter the original password; • specify the address of your current e-mail address. Immediately after registration you can in F. R play. Only you have to be clear in what situation you find yourself. And the situation down on the story is that at a secret facility murders occur, which can not be explained. Rumored to be the cause of these killings may be either ghosts, or supernatural powers. But neither the one nor the other army, conventional forces can not cope. And then the only hope is just to F. R. - The Federal Response unit of activity. You become the only salvation. The more that play F. R can be free, both independently and in a team with your partners. Master your opponent is in F. R online, ghosts. And the most dangerous for you to their leaders: a little girl and a cannibal. Cannibal brutally tearing the body to pieces, and the girl brings his opponents at some time in the "underworld", which is full of like it. Warriors F. R. armed with the latest achievements of military thought: from ultra handguns to blaster that turns enemies into piles of ash. But we should not assume that you will be straightened with the enemy in a jiffy. Keep in mind that your enemies are not only calculate the optimal route to his victim. They thoroughly weighed the situation and convey the necessary information with each other, are very good at hiding, attacking not only the center, but with wings. They also can easily clear the windshield and dash at you through the window opening, using different tables and furniture as a shelter, and smoke grenades can easily professionals shooting from the corner. Heard machine gun fire or tramping boots opponent catches scour the entire neighborhood with weapons at the ready. And seeing the light from a flashlight, immediately throw a grenade where is its owner. Can easily be found on the floor of the mines and destroy them from a distance. If you are intrigued - try your hand! And let you luck!
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