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Fiesta Online - MMORPG game in the style of anime. It's completely free, so you can easily sink into her fantasy world. show a detailed description of Fiesta Online - MMORPG game in the style of anime. It's completely free, so you can easily sink into her fantasy world. Korean company Ons On Soft, together with the publisher Outspark thought through to the product and liked kids and growns. The game has cartoon graphics. Characters and all around impressive colors. Isya - the game world, where the user can do anything. He can play and have fun. As you wish, and will continue to develop this game, but the correct crafting system will help you with this. In the game world there is no useless occupations. PvP and PvE tasks will be to lift the mood, the adrenaline will be off scale. Do you want fun, you want this Fiesta Online, because it is considered the best. Play will not regret it. Fiesta check and install the client on your PC - the only thing necessary for the game, but you have to also take into account the requirements of the game to your computer with ease launched the product: Pentium 4 processor 1. 6GHz, AMD XP 2500 +, AMD Athlon64 2800 +; Operating System Windows 2000/XP; GeForce MX 64mb video card; Compatible with Direct x 9. 0 or up sound; that the disk to 3GB or more of free space; 512 MB of RAM. The site igrygry register an account. Join in the game Fiesta Online: enter a name, last name, e-mail, secure password, your date of birth, and gender. The virtual world offers you to choose your look, and then decide which of the five clans belong. And now I will introduce you to all the heroes of the game. Brave warriors are impressive combat skills and stamina of all rolls. In the near fights are always the winners. If you like all the mysterious, the magicians exactly what we need, because they are the secret masters of the elements. They can rely on, even though their physical strength is lame, but when in the hands of their staff or wand, enemies, watch out. In the distant battles arrows always on top. They have another advantage in the sleeve - it helps nature. Magic, mysticism, healing ... It's all about the confessor. Their weapons - mace, hammer and shield. They are needed in every army, as can heal and even bring back from the dead. Jokers are very fast, nimble. They will destroy the enemy at the moment, their favorite weapons - pillboxes, they hang up on the enemy, and eventually destroys the weapon. Play Fiesta Online is a pleasure. You can choose any specialization that is right for your character. There are three levels of development. It is necessary to make a choice. Play the game Fiesta Online to pumping such skills: passive, active and alchemy. But that's not all, you also get the title, performing different tasks. Fiesta game gives an opportunity to get married. If you have found your love, do not waste a minute, buy a ring, invite about thirty people and the "advice and love! Arrange a feast for the whole world, and let the others jealous. In the game you can purchase your home. Cozy Corner equip Miscellaneous furniture and other things. This will make you more confident in their abilities. Do not waste a second, start to Fiesta Online play and change your world for the better. It will only bring pleasure. Quests, player-vs-player content, in-game dynamic game events will bring into your life adventure. 3D graphics makes it all a reality. It all depends on you, you will find yourself in a fantastic world of dangerous battles. We believe in your strength, and wish only victory! Come on!
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