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Maybe talk about what the game FIFA World is not necessary. Perhaps this game is known to all, even those who are football and in real life, then do not look. show a detailed description of Maybe talk about what the game FIFA World is not necessary. Perhaps this game is known to all, even those who are football and in real life, then do not look. This is one of the best simulators, executed so efficiently, that looking at it for the first time by chance you might think that this is a translation of the real game. Now you'll be able to organize the European and World Championships, and the winner there certainly will be your favorite team. Total games created by the developer EASports boast outstanding performance, excellent graphics and excellent gameplay. Of course, FIFA Worldonline-not the exception, on the contrary - a vivid example. Looking at the faces of the players and their mastery of the ball, reluctantly, one may wonder, not real if the fate of real players you have entrusted to administer now? Previously, the game was only available to owners of consoles, but now it will be available to those who secretly dreamed of a set-top box just to try their hand at FIFE. Yes, rejoice, gamers, this game will now be available on personal computers. While the game is in beta testing, but you can already apply for participation in it. At the moment, the game has two main modes: UltimateTeam - it's the same football that you can watch on TV, that's just the fate of the team here is up to you. You can buy and sell any players. Since the gate transfer market is open to visitors around the clock, if you show quickness, can get ahead of many of its rivals. Weekly updates occur in the mode and run various additions. This mode allows you to play in the FIFA World free. Teams League mode will require you to pay equal to one credit for each game. Winning the tournaments and competitions, you will be able to compensate for the loans. The more you spend the game, the greater the chance of winning increase loans. Since this online game, the FIFA World record will be required. This will give you an opportunity to send a request to participate in the testing and be one of the lucky few chosen. To begin your registration, you will need to enter your email address in the box to the right on the home page of the game. After filling, press the "Send". If before you have an account in the system nebylozaregistrirovannogo Origin, you get the following form to register by filling in which you can start playing the game FIFA World. If you previously had an account already, you can just stop by using the recorded data. The game interface is translated into Russian, so fill out the form, as well as to participate in the project in the future, it is possible. Read all the tips of the system and fill everything in order. After that, click "Register" and wait until the system you choose to participate. In the FIFA World you will be able to play with different teams, including the team of the week, the composition of which is determined by the week (it includes players who have distinguished themselves this week in reality).
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