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Alternative names: Fire911, Plamya911

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Here missing drivers, shooters and fighters from the first-person RPG, and there is such a Fire911 game. show a detailed description of Shooters are gaining more and more popularity, new genres are beginning to go out to every gamer has found something for the soul. Here missing drivers, shooters and fighters from the first-person RPG, and there is such a Fire911 game. When I saw the world Plamya911 game, fans of shooters immediately delighted. In the end, as there are games about putting out fires? Can you name a few? None, is not it? Fire911 game is a new idea among shooters. Before playing Fire911, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Fire911 registration does not take a lot of time and will not cause problems: On the main page, choose the option "Play"; Give a name to your character; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password, and repeat it; Select "Play now for free." In Fire911 online you will be playing the role of a fireman. What kind of work you have to? Of course, you have to put out fires in Fire911 online. And what rewards you can get for it? More and more fire! You will be Fire911 play and see that you have some details: the sink or the toilet (which, of course, not really help) and thick, black blanket, through which smoke can not leak out. There is a never-ending supply of spraying water from a hose and a reliable glove in Fire911onlayn. The game at first glance quite simple: there is no specific damage is not noticeable, not dangerous ceiling, which could collapse as a result of damage from a fire. You can not worry about the explosion of gas due to a fire in Fire911 online. It should be noted that in addition to small houses, which are filled with fire, the game did not. Moreover, rescue side of Fire911 online game is virtually absent. If you find a random victims who are unconscious, just click on them and they are healthy and will be saved! The game Fire911 online just simply have no sense of danger and adventure that could be in great numbers. The creators of the game Fire911 Online not only deprived the players feel extreme, but they are, unfortunately, used in the wrong game soundtrack. Fire emergency siren should be disturbing, but you will only hear a terrible, totally made-up metal sound. It is difficult to call the game Fire911 online stable. You even have the opportunity to break into the fire truck, so for that you do not even pay a fine. One fire engine 911 crashed so hard on it found nothing. If you think that the game Fire911 absolutely uninteresting and it lacks any appeal, it is not so. You will be able to find a couple of decent qualities in Fire911 online. The smoke is quite realistic, and in the presence of different types of fires, so you will likely need to use foam instead of water or something chemical that the fire was extinguished. Yet it should be noted that the graphics Fire911 online, in principle, quite good. Thus, we can safely say that the game is called Fire911 new genre of shooters on fighting fires. The game Fire911 online has enough flaws, it is able to attract players, but they quickly lose interest in it as an element of adventure in the game is missing and it will likely not hold the attention of gamers for a long time.
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