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Game Firefall - a browser-based multiplayer fantasy gunman from Red 5 Studios show a detailed description of Game Firefall - a browser-based multiplayer fantasy gunman from Red 5 Studios. Its development was connected to a specialist, as Orson Scott Card is the author of the cult sci-fi series "Ender's Game." Firefall online events occur at the end of XXII century, after being hit by an asteroid in the Earth's gravitational field. Showering the planet's surface from the rain of fire debris, asteroid cardinally changed the face of the Earth. Even the country disintegrated into smaller formations running worthless rulers. Come cataclysm. Nine land enveloped Winter, forcing the remaining scientists do research crystite - alien mineral debris of fallen asteroid. The result of their work was the FTL drive on kristitovoy traction. After that mankind in Earth orbit began to build a giant spaceship Arclight. Fallen to the earth, a ship called the energy storm, which served as the beginning of the invasion of a reasonable and yet horrible creatures. Now from the storyline go directly to the game. The fact that at the moment the game is on the beta. But despite this, for many online gamers were able to verify that Firefall is based on the open world. Developers guarantee players change as time of day and seasons, and will still be the invasion of monsters from a storm on the settlement of earthlings. Based on the story, gamers will need to produce this very Christi. In addition, this process is furnished so that "garbage" crystite very noisy and attracts to itself thereby aggressive fauna. The game, of course, sharpened by the game team, both in random Ganges, and in organized fighting units - very similar to the guild. Besides massive battles, military units engaged in their own research, looking for rich crystite locations. Will the quests in the game Firefall is not known yet. It is clear that they are original and depend on the action gamers and on the events occurring in the world. It is assumed that it will be possible to play Firefall using trucks. There is now available: something like a bike that can fly, jetpack built into the suit. Battles in the game should be realistic and not uncommon spectacular. Developers come up with such a thing as battlfreymov - battle suit that defines a character class and instead gets you levels. Character will be endowed with several similar suits, changing modules. Now play the game Firefall There are four classes: • Sniper - very mobile, but weakly armored; • medic - has bioblaster and treats; • Engineer - sets shields; • Forward - the main striking force, a strengthened regime afterburner. It should be recognized that the same Firefall now looks very integral and qualitatively. To start the game should pass mode Firefall check that the game is very simple. Logging on to the official website of the game, you should write your player name (login) and password to come up with more reliable specify your email. By creating your account, you will need to download the installation file, and then install it on your PC or laptop to enjoy the game Firefall free.
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