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Football Masters game is a free online game show a detailed description of Football Masters game is a free online game in which you are a member of a powerful state management of its own football club, not just coach the game. Football Masters - is an online game, which was created in the MMORPG genre, and you will not play with the help of flash player. In this game Football Masters registration will be successful if you properly specify the email address and password will enter. Play game Football Masters necessary with strategic deliberation each movement. All this is not a random toy. In the world of football will captivate you as the process of hiring and training and tactics, but the introduction of the club and its capital infrastructure. No political decision is taken without consent from your side. You are a true leader in the Football Masters play, and it is in your hands will be the power of the game. It should be noted that the Football Masters online - this is not a game of sports destinations. You primarily focus on earnings. Besides, you need to find funds to support the team and help them reach the top. For earning funds in the game Football Masters need to apply such methods: the selection of the best players, sponsorship, participation in the cup competitions and championships, training management, and the development and expansion of the stadium. In all friendly matches and custom tournaments you'll face it with your friends in this football game. And you will have the opportunity to find one of the largest centers for the football environment in which you install the alliance between the centers allows you to organize championships. Before starting the game Football Masters Need to register your team in the game-online, as well as to determine the strength of your character. A key indicator of the character in the game is its strength, this indicator tends to change: • changes for the better (party games to earn points regardless of the outcome of the match); • changes for the worse (if the team or flexing the red card, the player loses one point). In case of winning team gets from 1 to 4, and a tie score also have the ability to get from one already up to 3 points. But with the defeat of your account probably will lose one point. Your teams will be compared Force in principle and in training. Each of your player has the opportunity to receive one point after a workout. The presence in the online game Football Masters presents a variety of specialties: - Loss of 1%of physical forces athleticism for the game; - Percentage of the injury another player from abuse; - With good ball game may earn interest - all Dribbling; - Leader in the game itself classifies points; - Action Ward applies to players - midfielders. Certainly, by registering and friends in an online game Football Masters free game will bring new bright colors for you!
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