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Game Fortnite - free multiplayer fantastic third-person shooter with elements of strategy show a detailed description of Game Fortnite - free multiplayer fantastic third-person shooter with elements of strategy, based on a modern engine Unreal Engine 4. Battles - is the foundation of gameplay and for many it is the most interesting part. However, in this game world there is another side of virtual life. So, join the fighting on different scales account for only a night. During the day you should prepare to attack enemies, namely, to build and strengthen defenses. Your home - this is the one fortress, where you can hide. Although, of course, that you do not want to sit there all the time, still pulls on the hunt. Since Fortnite online includes defense and cooperative home and construction, and the ability to evolve and free travel, during which the most unexpected events happen - then anyone who wants to try out the gameplay, will find in it for yourself is something attractive. Developers used the cartoon graphics and monsters though so frightened appearance, but often cause laughter. Connect hazards and humor - great idea. Thanks to innovative approaches to the development of the plot of the main creators have - to attract users' attention. Already Fortnite registration passed lots of users. And their numbers are increasing daily. If you want to fight with you and vile monsters day and night to prepare for their trap - join immediately. Play the game Fortnite you start with the collection of materials required for construction. You will have access resources such as wood, stone, brick. But to get them, you need to bother itself with the sky did not fall. When materials are available, you should think about the design of the building. Engage in planning buildings, and when the building will be built, make the changes that you consider appropriate. For example, in the house, you can change the roof, stairs, and other elements of decor. Because you have time to prepare for battle, should be used every minute efficiently. Building - which is great, but the walls still will not replace weapons, and therefore this point should not be missed. You must equip your character to the teeth. But also then also upgrade the weapons that he will be taking on night raids. Arsenal game is rich enough, plus to the standard models, you can add elements that greatly increase efficiency. Say to crossbows often fasten Taser and add explosives. Do not lose that relies on Fortnite free. I want to say that the social component of the game is also not the last. You can play Fortnite, actively cooperating with other players. In a single company, there are tasks that only by teams consisting of players in the clan. So if you want to do more, do not be a loner. Instead of getting bored in your free time, make friends, kill monsters, move forward through the levels, create your comfortable and safe home, experiment with weapons. Enjoy the game!
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