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To get in the near future you no longer need a car vremeni.Igra FutureTorpia - here is your personal teleport. show a detailed description of To get in the near future you no longer need a time machine. Game FutureTorpia - here is your personal teleport. The birthplace of this new strategy - Germany. The game's plot is quite fantastic, and his close relationship with reality only attracts the attention of players from around the world. In your game will be responsible for the construction of new buildings and fortifications. Also, you will need to learn new skills and gain knowledge. That certainly will please all players - FutureTorpiaonline play can begin immediately without doing any additional work. That is, you will not need to install more files and programs - Sign up and start playing. You can personally decorate your planet as you want to. Build as many houses and barracks. The barracks will be useful for your employees, you also select which will according to your taste. Collect the best army of warriors and try your best to learn them in the service. Your future is in Thorpe's up to you. As mentioned above, as well as in most online games, FutureTorpia registratsiyayavlyaetsya mandatory process, otherwise you just do not get access to the game. Even the fact that the whole game interface is displayed at the moment in German, will not prevent any more or less experienced players to deal with management, which can easily overpower you intuitively with minimal knowledge of the language and an interpreter, of course. In the right corner of the game screen, of course, there is an icon language changes, but so far it is not active. So far, this deficiency will charge on the process of beta testing (yes, the game is now just at the stage of final testing), and we hope that in the near future, developers will remove it by adapting the game and for Russian users. You can begin the registration via the link «JetztSpielen», which you will see in the center of the game screen. You will see the registration form, which you can fill in FutureTorpia play. In the top field of the form entitled «Benutzername» you will need to enter your username. In line «E-Mail» will need to write down the address of an electronic box. Then in the new field enter your unique password. So you can safely play the game FutureTorpia try to make the password as safe. Next you need to determine the choice of race. All in the game can represent the characters of the two races, which will be discussed below. To have successfully completed the registration system and accept the user agreement, checking the line «IchhabedieAGBund ...». All the filling, press the «JetztGratismitspielen», then expect activation link in the email. So, back to the races, it should be noted that you can play for free FutureTorpia two races: Shiva. People. Who are the people - is understandable, but Shiva - is alien with four arms with a fondness for all sorts of jewelry and trinkets. To visualize more clearly the need to just try to play!
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