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Game GoD Factory: Wingmen - MOBA genre game, which opens up a virtual world space. In this game the player will have to fight 4x4. show a detailed description of Game GoD Factory: Wingmen - MOBA genre game, which opens up a virtual world space. In this game the player will have to fight 4x4. In this world you will pilot your own spacecraft that will match your imagination and the imagination. That's not all the surprises that prepared the creators of this project. The developers tried to fame, and pleased with the excellent graphics, but if you still wear 3D-glasses Oculus, then it will seem that the events GoD Factory game taking place in reality. The goal - to break the ship of his enemy before he does it to yours. Who was the first coped with this task - and that champion. Working together with the team, so you can more easily find the "Achilles' heel" of your opponent. Pick the desired image, devise a powerful spaceship and can safely go to conquer the universe. Before you start playing, you should GoD Factory: Wingmen download. Then you can easily and inexpensively time be able to install the game, if you have a PC, Mac, Linux platform, and of course, the Internet. Before you open a virtual world full of adventures and extraordinary victories. The way your character will have to start from the hangar, which will create a masterpiece and all the equipment, and soon he was bleeding, improvement. So visit the hangar is inevitable. The player will elect among themselves the necessary elements of the proposed hull and cockpit, wings and shield generators, weapons and special abilities of the device, engines and power leads and more. Take part in the battles, earn for winning them points, which then will be able to improve his unit. The more fighting, the more opportunities to become stronger. One fight will take you about 12 - 16 minutes, during which time your team has all the chances to win. Attacking rivals, you need to have the protection of the ship, as the backlash will fail. So stock up ammo and go on the attack! GoD Factory: Wingmen demo version allows you to use various kinds of elements: shrapnel, gravity, bullets, deformation, wormholes, electricity, high blood pressure, shields, lasers, electronic countermeasures, missiles, explosives, different categories, such as distortion, perforation, overload , detonation, ignition, and more. Play GoD Factory: Wingmen you will be among the various inhabitants of the virtual world, as well as different kinds of creatures. This project provides for the division into classes, among which are such as Humans, Chorions, Guantris, Ar Blossoms and others. The gameplay will not leave you indifferent and will bring a lot of positive emotions. GoD Factory: Wingmen play - which means to immerse themselves in the virtual world and experience all the emotions for yourself. You have to first fight battles, tactically count moves to pass level after level, make your own spaceship, which can be further improved. Thanks to the developers of this game you will not have to get bored spending their free time. We advise has now become a party to this project. Do not be afraid to explore the cosmic world! Good luck to you!
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