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God of Axion Online - multiplayer browser based strategy genre fiction free model. You will find yourself in a huge universe, which emanates from this ancient. show a detailed description of God of Axion Online - multiplayer browser based strategy genre fiction free model. You will find yourself in a huge universe, which emanates from this ancient. Here he met the heroes who lived before the time of the formation of the world. Having obtained possession of the property Celestial Kingdom, you will become in every way to protect it from the fierce attacks of various creatures. A myriad of dragons and salamanders that and strive to harm you, you can just stop by force and courage. You must be a wise ruler and brave warrior, to succeed in this swirling events of the universe. Daily care is covered with the head. After all, you need to keep up and develop your kingdom and constantly gather in the temple priests, to give them wise parting words, and build troops, and give blessings. In the role of a deity, you'll quickly realize that before you open just unthinkable prospect, do not take advantage of them, at least, is just silly. If you have a wish to conquer the sky, God of Axion game is perfect, for it is here that open so dizzying possibilities. Company 7 Elements Studios, which is the project developer promises that the gameplay will be able to enjoy everyone. System requirements are not deterred, and even quite the opposite. Gameplay will be suitable for the average parameters of the PC connected to the internet. God of Axion registration gives access to a game that is still in the testing phase, but it is able to offer users a lot of interesting things. Besides, this product line continues to grow and soon plans to add new features. So do not be lazy to create an account, to spend their time intensely right now. Especially that registration takes just a couple of minutes. You must fill in a few fields, having entered the user name, email address, password. Finally, to confirm compliance with the rules and you're ready to play God of Axion. Well, you have a legitimate occupant of the wizarding world, and now have, in spite of the tough competition, make all their dreams come true. Of course, that does not happen all at once. There will first be a small island but hand in dealing with enthusiasm, you will quickly upset him, and expand the boundaries of their own possessions. The first thing that is necessary for development - it's resources. Playing God Axion requires constant care for them, including research into new territories. The more resources you can find, the more comfortable will feel. Second, that it is vital in a saturated PvP battles gameplay - it's troops. Formation of the army is very crucial moment, but in addition you also have to train their warriors. Remember, all types of men are equally good, though they differ in characteristics. Only consisting of various military units can be strong. For example, at one point able to help out Archers and the other is you can not do without the help of brave Golems. To increase your chances of winning, players can use the spectacular blessings. This is one cool chips inherent God of Axion Online. Thanks to her, you realize how nice all the same act as the deity and be all-powerful! But be careful, the abuse of the blessings instead of the expected benefits are often harmful. What else can be attributed to the peculiarities of the game, so it's inherent weather system. So you play God of Axion in a constantly changing environment. Learn to adapt to difficult situations to get out, enjoy the weather is good, try to predict what will happen in front of you - well, is it possible to compare with something else? Absolutely everything you do on this fantastic game is so exciting that the process of getting involved in the game once, you will feel like you every day to pull it back. Let meet all your expectations!
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