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Godsrule online - free browser-based multiplayer fantastic game with strategy elements. show a detailed description of Godsrule online - free browser-based multiplayer fantastic game with strategy elements. The project was developed by Gogogic, and is the publisher Sega. You find yourself in a vast world where war rages on all territories. You have to develop your own and expand their boundaries, to constantly engage in heated battles and uncover more and more new features. Dimensional color world has to ensure that it put in long hours of their leisure time. Just think how exciting it is to take part in the grand battles, after all carefully planned. In its own territory should constantly invest in order to progress did not stop her. Management of the empire's time consuming, but also delivers maximum pleasure. One of the main tasks of every gamer is the formation of the army. As you progress through the game process you will open new units units, which means that teams will become stronger. Show hated rivals what you can, make casualties tremble before you! Consider the system requirements that are needed to ensure that no problems playing the game online Godsrule. Will be appropriate computer configuration: Operating System Windows XP SPack 3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7, CPU Intel Pentium 4 March. 00 GHz / AMD Athlon 3200 +, Video GeForce 6600GT / ATI Radeon 9800 (256 MB) RAM 1 GB. Looking at this list, it becomes apparent that the system requirements are quite modest. By the way, Godsrule playable on iPad. All for your convenience! Download the game in your browser can be right after you pass the Godsrule registration. You must enter the player's name and password. Of course, the rules of the project should be unconditionally agree. Well, come on! Choose for yourself one of the two warring factions and get ready for the great conquest. You will defend the disputed territory with their comrades. You may want to join the clan. Feeling the support, you will become more confident in their own abilities. Naturally, it is not given all at once. Stash army has gradually. Is slow and resource gathering. Initially, stocks are scarce. And yet, and the process of building the empire takes its due time. Build barracks, farms and other necessary facilities to eventually have all Resettled properly. Two similar functions (eg, clearing the land of trees) are not available at the same time, so sometimes is to be patient and wait. As a result, you get a powerful army and a settlement that brings fear to others. Just do the daily tasks - and success is around the corner! Since the game Godsrule combat, you'll be constantly causes collision with enemies. On the big arenas, events occur that remains in the memory. The very mechanics of the fight is pretty simple, but it's all about the preparation for it. You have to decide what will be the composition of troops and other important issues. If you can not go wrong - the victory is yours! You can not only use physical force units. Come to the rescue spell. And you will love it! Having started playing Godsrule, you will then try to finish the relics for themselves, then send soldiers to collect boxes around the battlefield, then the attacks of enemies, then attack yourself. In short, will not be bored! In addition, you will not only be able to be promoted to Rear with other players. Quite often it turns out to find common language with them. After all, the social component in online Godsrule well developed. At this point, at the end of beta testing, the game has become even more perfect. You can check it for yourself, and came to the gameplay. Only here you will experience the sweet taste of victory! So do not waste a waste of time!
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