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Game Goodfellas 1930 - this is a real browser-based game about the mafia. To play Goodfellas 1930 You do not need to download any additional game client. show a detailed description of Goodfellas 1930 Game Goodfellas 1930 - this is a real browser-based game about the mafia. To play Goodfellas 1930 You do not need to download any additional game client. Goodfellas 1930 online - this is a real game about the Mafia. You will discover a world of mafia American underground of the 1930s. To Goodfellas in 1930 to play, you will need to install a browser to surf the Internet. Also make sure that your network connection is present, and its speed was at least 100 megabits per second. Goodfellas 1930 registration takes place at the site of the game. When you register may be difficult if you do not know English. Also, using the language of the site's buttons can be changed to German, UK English, French and Spanish. And so, the registration is as follows: 1) On the main page of the site, select the server on which prefer to play. 2) Enter your name. You can come up with the name, since it only needs to enter the game. 3) Next, come up with a unique password and enter it. 4) Write your email. 5) If you agree to the EULA site, then check the box next to «Yes, I accept Terms and Conditions and Data privacy statement». In case of disagreement with the provisions of the Agreement, you will not be able to play in Goodfellas 1930 online. 6) If you wish to receive news from the game, put otmetochku near «Yes, I would like to receive information about the game». 7) Click on «Play now free onlinegame». You can register and through the social network Facebook by clicking the special button on the main page of the site. When you raise your level of respect in the game, before you open new opportunities in new cities. If you decide to enter into the business of illegal sale of alcohol or blend in with the more lucrative drug business, then you always have the opportunity to obtain a higher status. But be careful! Regulate drugs very seriously and this is a dangerous business. All the same, if you decide to go ahead and dive into the world of drug trafficking, then treat every situation with caution. "We live in troubled and dangerous times." Clearly choose their partner, and it will pay you for your own protection. Game Goodfellas 1930 provides the ability to create your own mafia family or the ability to join an existing family. No matter what path you choose, entirely new possibilities in the world of the Mafia will be available for you. However, be careful to all the members of your newfound family, no one should trust. If they are bad businessmen, and then pull you to the bottom of the ranking list game. All of the above, only a tiny fraction of what Goodfellas 1930 has to offer. In no other online game Mafia does not offer more excitement, elections and interaction with friends than in 1930 Goodfellas! No other game does not offer you much emotion, risk, dirty business. And this real interaction with their friends and enemies, as in Goodfellas 1930 online. We hope that you will succeed in this cruel world of business. Do not trust anyone, acting only with your head, and you submit to the gangster area.
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