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Who of us does not like to have his own restaurant or cafe? Yes, probably, everyone, and now it's solved. Goodgame Café offers this possibility in the mode of a free online browser game. show a detailed description of Who of us does not like to have his own restaurant or cafe? Yes, probably, everyone, and now it's solved. Goodgame Café offers this possibility in the mode of a free online browser game. In it you will be able to realize all your secret dreams chef, cook the most delicious meals and even create your own secret recipe. You will have a tough fight for the best place in the city, will not only feed the ordinary citizens, but also influential persons. When you register on the official website, the game Goodgame Café will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions. Bright graphics with all the colors of the rainbow at any time to raise your spirits, and detail-drawn objects and characters make for a long time to love this game. However, for that would plunge into an unforgettable world of fun and become a better chef, you need to go easy registration. Do not be afraid to Goodgame Café registration will not cause you difficulties. You only need to register a username and create a password. Agree, nothing complicated, all difficulties lie ahead. Once the registration of the game Goodgame Café successfully completed, you can safely proceed to the preparation of food. Yes, yes, the food. In your department will include not only shopping and buying all the right products, but also compiling your corporate menu. Remember, as a responsible and professional chef, you have to rely not only on their innate abilities, but also recipes, proven over the years. Each dish is prepared according to certain recipes. Observe all proportion - this is a very important and delicate art, especially when you to the abode of the mayor looked. Starting to play the game online Goodgame Café, rest and relax you will not be. All the work of your institution will depend on you. Neither master culinary art did not start with a simple and certainly was not initially popular. Your main task in Goodgame Café online - to achieve the highest popularity and make their institution the most popular place in town. Yourself so that you would have stood in line, and the place booked for 3 months, only because no one else, and it is you, you know a lot about food. Prove that Caesar and Napoleon - it's not only the emperor, but also a piece of art in your hands. But for the fact that everything worked like expensive Swiss watch, you need qualified staff. If you think you have to watch everything and play Goodgame Café you're alone, you are wrong. Neither the chef does not do everything himself, he on Earth to do and create. So you will need to think about the employees. Great game Goodgame Cafe offers your choice of a lot of candidates, such a respectable place as your assistants. Try to fit properly to the selection, because you do not want to lose your reputation in the eyes of the Mayor. Each candidate who dreams of working for you, the individual has the ability, do not forget to take them into account. By the way, the game is a social cafe, so you can feel free to invite friends. After registration, your friends will be able to come to you in the restaurant at any time to order and evaluate it. You too can make a return visit to restaurants to your friends, and you can offer them a job, and in his place. In Goodgame Café is not only fun to play, but also interesting, especially when it is played and your friends. Go for it, do not miss the moment to be the best chef of the city.
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