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GrandPrixRacingOnline game - a free multiplayer realistic racing manager, where you manage and run their own sports team. show a detailed description of GrandPrixRacingOnline game - a free multiplayer realistic racing manager, where you manage and run their own sports team. Starting from the simple race car, you can proytido elite competition, sports cars, and to the royal race of the formula 1. As a business you will need to climb to the heights and become successful in this super race to find the right personnel (pilots, technical directors of craftsmen, mechanics), and more. And as you carry out various negotiations with sponsors and managers to shape their little world of realistic events. You'll adjust, repair, upgrade your car for qualifying and the big races, and more. You'll be delighted with this exciting project. In order to start playing online GrandPrixRacing you need to make sure that your PC supports minimalnyesistemnye requirements: Operating system: Windows 95/98 Windows XP Vista, Windows 7; Memory: 2GB or more; Hard disk space: 20GBibolee; Steering wheel, mouse, keyboard; Just one step and you will find yourself in a free, super exciting realistic simulator. To start the game on the official website and be aware of all the news and innovations in the game. You need to pass GrandPrixRacingOnline registration. Informing email you will be sent an email with a username and password. You need to give a name to your character as soon as all data has been entered, the account will be activated immediately. And you will immediately find yourself in a real world racing. Do not stop, try to go! See for yourself. Now consider the details: it IgraGPRO-fi simulator. Developers is a studio Papyrus. You will be delighted by etoysuper exciting and beautiful graphics, and more. In order to be the best you have to learn to manage and grow your possession. And also plan wins races and competitions. Each season has a seventeen races. The more effort you put igratvGrandPrixRacingOnline, the more points and making money, and memorable victories you achieve. Your winnings you can spend on your car and improve it. Once you have done everything you need with your car you can start the race and practice. In practice, you have eight laps, during which you have to choose the perfect setting for all your games. Making sure all the settings after practice Vymozhete move kkvalifikatsii. You can view all the mistakes in the race and lost time. Each race-paid practice costs $ 50. 000, and each qualifying lap $ 100. 000. GrandPrixRacingOnline, you will love and you will not be able to tear their attention away from this super exciting project. You can create a team with your friends or against players from around the world will participate in races and other competitions. You will have the opportunity to develop team strategy game to reach the heights, and memorable victories. GrandPrixRacingigrat with each level you will be surprised. At the end of the season and the first 10 best players on the team are rewarded additional cash prize. And so much fun waiting for you to come. Dear fans of speed and adrenaline in the blood. You immerse yourself in a super fascinating project. You get a lot of unforgettable emotions and endless fun! See for yourself by doing. Good luck!
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