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If you enjoy gambling trade IMO, and I enjoy naval battles show a detailed description of If you enjoy gambling trade IMO, and I enjoy sea battles, and you regret that you were not born in the Middle Ages, then you are going to love the new project Grand Voyage online from the company NGames Interactive Limited. The game takes place in the magical Mediterranean sixteenth century. The game is described as a Grand Voyage medieval maritime adventure that has been remarkably "sew» NGames Interactive Limited wrapped free browser multiplayer role-playing fantasy strategy medieval subjects having a third person view. In-Game Grand Voyage you can go from a modest smuggler who picks on their own, rather shabby, kayaking on the Mediterranean sea to the legendary captain's own trading fleet sailing, power and displacement which would be envied by any Sultan. In this game, in the full sense disclosed subject merchants and the struggle for trade and human values. Grand Voyage really is for lovers of trading strategies. If you are not indifferent to such games, then you will delight in playing the game Grand Voyage. Also impressive economic rod project has many advantages. And, first of all, this is a great, eye pleasing graphics, and the vast opportunities available to the players, and a huge number of tasks whose solution will not come by itself - it will require your mind and intelligence. If you can not wait to try myself in a new way, then, as in a variety of browser games have to go through a rather simple process - Grand Voyage registration. To do this, you should go to the official website of the game Grand Voyage online - http://passport. game321. com / api / lp / voyage. php. Then fill out a short registration form, indicating therein his playing name (login), to come up with a strong password and write the address of your current e-mail address. Two or three minutes - and here you are already a member Grand Voyage online. Remember to play in Grand Voyage utmost attention should be paid to ensuring that your ship or fleet in general were always for battle. And for this - you have all the time its fleet to expand, develop and teach the tricks of the sea. Ships, by the way, you can build your own, the more that the choice of models is not just big - it's huge. And having been engaged in the design and construction of ships, you can immediately take care of his armor, so it does not become an easy prey to pirates. But do not get carried away only qualitative and quantitative status of your fleet. It should also give serious consideration to trading operations. After all, that is, trade is central to the life of your character. And this process is going to be pretty compulsive. After all in your power to influence the market situation, personally engaged in the formation of market prices. Fight for trade value goes without respite throughout the gameplay. Should learn to avoid its competitors, and then you can be sure that the success and the progress you provided. Each new level of the game Grand Voyage opens all new opportunities to become more and more interesting. The time will come, and you can start trading guilds, and it will give you confidence man standing firmly on his feet in this shaky world. Believe me, the game Grand Voyage free favors you search for joy. See for yourself!
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