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Alternative names: Ground War: Tanks, Tanks mail ru, Tanks Ground War

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Ground War: Tanks online - free browser based strategy game with an impressive fighting. It is a world in which military operations are running high. show a detailed description of Ground War: Tanks online - free browser based strategy game with an impressive fighting. It is a world in which military operations are running high. On the battlefields of the players appear fully prepared. You will have access not only powerful tanks, but also many different types of weapons. Thanks to a three-dimensional chart the events look pretty realistic. Plunged into the atmosphere of the game, you will feel that this struggle for survival, will do all they can to gain the coveted victories, enjoy an active collaboration with the same ambitious users like yourself. Based on the Unity engine project of the Chinese company Changyou can boast of dynamism and richness of the most memorable events. And the efforts of the creators of the most prominent in the art that is made available to players. After all, every model of the tank, each of a large arsenal of weapons recreated in great detail. Besides all that will benefit you can still improve. Gameplay will delay from the very first minute, and you will not notice how carried away so that the computer and the ears are not ottyanesh! Tanks mail ru - an area rich leisure facilities, plus the exciting adventures of social interaction. All you will find in this virtual world, certainly of interest to you, no matter how spoiled gamer you are. To play Ground War: Tanks need your computer meets the following system requirements: - OS Windows XP SP2 / Server 2003 SP1 / Vista/7/8 or linux, mac; - Pentium 4 processor that supports SSE2; - 200 MB of hard disk space; - RAM 512 MB. You can download the game in social networks like YouTube, FaceBook, Facebook, Twitter. But before you must register. Ground War: Tanks registration - the process simple and fast. Need to fill in a few fields: username, email address and password. Keep in mind that the rules of the project you will have to agree completely. As the game Tanks Ground War requires deliberate action, you will develop and apply different tactics. Deft maneuvers to help win the championship over rivals who are not giving much thought, firing and firing from their guns. Already at this point you have the opportunity to show themselves in gambling PvP battles. When will the PTA, the gameplay is supplemented by numerous PvE tasks. Certainly will appeal and massive battles. Just imagine 30 players on each side meet in open confrontation and no one has the slightest desire to give to the enemy! By the way the interaction with other players - one of the important components of the gameplay. You should not try it alone to prove how tough you are, if you can work together to achieve a lot more. It is necessary to say a few words about themselves tanks. Playing Ground War: Tanks provides the ability to use such models: light, heavy, medium tanks, and even the STC and ACS. Create a fleet of deadly machine - well, who does not dream about that? Over time you will learn the design of the tank and will easily navigate in such detail as a weapon, tower, body, chassis, engine, radio. Remember that the parameters of tanks to pump. Should pay attention to the strength, accuracy, body armor, engine power, maximum speed, carrying capacity, damage to the projectile range coverage and radio communication. Increasing data rates, you agree to provide yourself with success in the upcoming battles. Yes, the game is a lot like the already well-known World of Tanks and it would be unfair to deny it. Still, the project and a lot of distinctive features. You will be able to evaluate them by taking a dip in the inviting atmosphere of a game. If you wish to become a member of the Great Patriotic War and relive the epic battle, eventually becoming a heroic personality, begin Ground War: Tanks play right now and all this necessarily true!
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