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2 Gunz Online - is a browser game that has such a powerful physics engine for a shooter like no other game , and is a continuation of the successful Korean game Gunz. show a detailed description of Gunz Game 2 - the second part of an exciting computer game . It is a continuation of the successful Korean game Gunz. 2 Gunz Online - is a browser game that has such a powerful physics engine for a shooter like no other game . Since 2 Gunz Online is a browser-based game , you will need the most attention on the connection to the Internet. For the game to function properly , check your contract package that you received when you connect the Internet. For this game rate should be 100 Mbit . If you have this problem , then pay attention to the capacity of the computer system . It should not be less than indicated here: Processor: Intel Dual Core 2 . 0 GB Memory: 1 GB. Hard disk drive ( Vinchestr ): 3 GB. Video Card: GeForce 6600 In Gunz 2 registration is no different from the opportunity to register on another site. You to register in the game Gunz 2 will need to make the following information on the site: Your user name. The password for your account. E-mail address . These are the basic questions that request on the site. Currently, access to the online game registration is closed, but you can try to create a well-known social networks - Twitter and Facebook . Play Gunz 2, you can have the following features : The class system of the game , which will provide a variety of skills and performance with different classes of weapons, so you can create a character and pick your style to make your original gameplay . You can enjoy the fact that your character can enjoy the exercise even more difficult acrobatic jumps and jump to wherever you need it. Here is more easy to control the game level . The level of the possibility of different tricks in Gunz 2 is much higher than in the previous version. The game used extreme functions. An incredible number of weapons - two species. In Gunz 2 you play against a sinister company that are subordinate to the wards that have superhuman powers . These creatures are peaceful and do not suffer from vanity . You do not have to worry if you are new to this style of games - shooter . Here, everything is clear and requires no effort to remember. At present, the game has not come out in the car , the release date is planned to last in 2013 . Also , it is not known whether this game is designed in Russian . While the interface will be in English only . In this game you can play on the net that will give you more pleasure from the game. All actions in the game will be explained how to perform them , so this is a cause for concern and you . 2 Gunz Online - this is a game that many are waiting for seven years. No wonder it so much time waiting . We hope that it will meet your expectations and is a pleasure , not a disappointment. We hope that you will have enough patience to wait it out and that she is sure to seduce everyone who wants to play it.
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