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Half-Life 2 - free fantastic game in style shooter , which gained no small popularity among players show a detailed description of Half-Life 2 - free fantastic game in style shooter, which gained no small popularity among players. In Half-Life 2, you can play on a computer that has such parameters: 1. 1.7Hz processor; 2. 3. compatible with DirectX 8. 1 card; Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system. 5. Internet high speed, thanks to which you will carry out the activation and update the game. Half-Life 2 will help you to plunge into the world of adventure and introduce you to the inhabitants of the virtual world. - Gordon Freeman - powered by G-Man, is interested in quantum physics; - Alliance - engaged in black affairs, irrational uses the resources of the earth, does not like this planet - G-Man - the mystery man, the story of which is silent; - Residents of the City 17 - the inhabitants of the territories formerly known as Europe; - Wallace Breen - responsible for the process of surrender from the Earth; - Barney Calhoun - a great ally in the battle, responsible; - Alix Van - a smart and fast girl, which lies on the shoulders of a lot of work; - Isaac Kleiner - amateur chat, prefers to engage in theoretical physics; - Eli Vance - an extraordinary scientist who is at the head soprotichleniya; - Judith Mosman - clever girl who despite his holdnokrovnost has a weak nervous system; - Arne Magnusson - puts work first, vain; - Vortgonty - fighters for freedom, which are specifically for this united even with people; - Dog - guard Alix, who is also her best friend; - Father Gregory - not afraid of any difficulties and horror boldly engages in battle with zombies; - Odessa Kebbedzh - boldness and courage - his friends, is a group leader. Keep in mind that Half-Life 2 download you manage to still using torrents. Nzhno also be noted that Half-Life 2 episode 3 is still in development. Half-Life 2 episode 2 start playing from that moment, as Gordon and his team suffered an explosion on a train. Half Life 2 takes you into a world in which the character Gordon will fight monsters, paratroopers and other various enemies. Developers Half-Life 2 came up with many more trials to be overcome your hero, for example, will have to fight with the G-Man, which already got the courage and heroism of Gordon. A large number of adventures, trials and research will fall on your character, inhabitant of the planet Earth, which has long been changed. Halfa 2 takes you into a virtual world where the characters have to deal with such enemies-dwellers: - Zombayn - Alliance soldiers, who during an attack use their hands and various metal objects; - Push Along reprogrammed mine - from recently not related to the number of enemies; - Mini-Strider - that will delight his presence only with the second episode of Half-Life 2. Game Half-Life 2 a great continuation of the previous version. This project will not disregard the adventure lovers. Good luck in your endeavors!
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