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The game Heroes of Newerth - free rpg game client for many users of the developer S2 Games company. In this game there are elements of DoTA. show a detailed description of The game Heroes of Newerth - free rpg game client for many users of the developer S2 Games company. In this game there are elements of DoTA. In this virtual world, everything is on the cards, but the main task of the players - to take the enemies base. This project will amaze you with a huge number of characters, maps, and user-friendly controls. Also, you are given the opportunity to evaluate the function of "Rekonekt" when suddenly disappear network, protecting players from the bad players, and more. In Heroes of Newerth pc there are new items, updates, about which developers are constantly implementing the project. Heroes of Newerth can play any player who is in this virtual world could easily become a winner. To start the game, you need to download Heroes of Newerth, but first check. To do this, you need to enter the information in a specially designated cells: - Enter the user name; - Real name; - Specify the name; - Type the e-mail address; - Enter the password, then confirm it; - Specify the name of the friend from whom you have learned about this game; - Click on the "Register" button. Please note that such acceptance of the User Agreement. It should be noted that all interested persons an opportunity to buy Heroes of Newerth. The user should verify that their computer is matched to parameters: Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7/Vista / Mac OS - OS; Pentium 4 2. 4GHz processor; Video GeForce FX5200 or Radeon 9600 SE; Sound compatible with DirectX 9. 2GB hard disk space; 1Gb of RAM. While playing, you will be taken at a time when the war between the Legion and the Horde. They decided to common efforts to overcome the Hellbourne. The main events take place on the map, which is an area covered with forests, mountains, river, which spread from the north-west to south-east. Also located on this map of the road, which roam the troops. Despite the fact that the game you are working together with the team, but will have to control your hero to you personally. You have to watch him in battle, constantly monitor his improvement to increase its capacity. Participate in one battle can only 10 players, 5 men on each side. It is important to note that in this game you have one for your team, otherwise no one height you do not win. Before the game, you have to choose your character, and to pay special attention to the selection of artifacts. Game HoN will provide 144 types of characters, but this is not the whole list, the creators of the project gradually introduce new elements to the game, including characters. You can in this virtual world have more and other creatures that can control. As for the characters, then it is characterized by the unusual ability to be in the game to develop, for example, the ability of Ultimate, access to which you get after level 6. In this game there are classes: Strength - strength, Intelligence - Intelligence, Agility - agility, which in turn are divided into types: Ganger - the ability to attack the line; Tank - has excellent health; Carry - the main link of the team; Support - support. You'll see, play Heroes of Newerth will be very interesting, it is worth a try! This project is rich in a variety of modes, such as normal, single call, casual, and more. This virtual world is their playing cash, standard and premium. We wish you good luck and success!
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