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Heroes Of The Sword Online - the free browser based role playing game, the events that develop in real time. Players compete against each other in a bid to win the championship in this fantastic world. show a detailed description of Heroes Of The Sword Online - the free browser based role playing game, the events that develop in real time. Players compete against each other in a bid to win the championship in this fantastic world. You will find yourself among the flying island in a city where a lot of quest tasks await execution. The more tasks will be able to successfully complete, the wider the range of your possibilities. After all, there is nothing in vain, and holding a job is, you'll know that in the end will get a decent reward. Because we have to buy the periods, as well as arm, the accumulated funds will fall in handy. And may you be a difficult path with all sorts of tests, dangerous meeting with daring enemies, endless expanses of the research game, in which all kinds of surprises happen - in general, all that attracts so much that you will not notice as having overcome all difficulties, have become a real hero . Start Heroes Of The Sword play right now to showcase their talents. The project is pleased users accessibility. System requirements are low and this provides an opportunity to gameplay using a computer medium parameters. To become a regular user, and save the results achieved in the game, you need Heroes Of The Sword registration. But in general, try to play Heroes Of The Sword can be in as a guest. Only in this case, your achievements at the exit from the project will be lost. However, to create an account is easy. But then you will be able to return again and again to an exciting venture. You are required to enter the information in the following lines: player name, email address, password, repeat password, and date of birth. And registration involves selecting a character, and which will then manage. Do not lose sight of the fact that registering an account, you agree to Agreement. Well, go ahead - in the very heart of the battle! Of course, the start will be simple. You will exercise, during which mastered the basics of martial arts and possession of weapons. Fights happen everywhere, the contestants face over and over again. You must possess a good weapon to have confidence. Heroes Of The Sword game offers the following types of weapons: sword, hammer, ax, cudgel, syurikeny. It's good to get in with no problems of any blacksmith. As you can see, all of this belongs to the category of knives. Firearms simply in this virtual world is absent. But this is not the entire stock of useful veshchichek. It is available to use a variety of magical artifacts, but to get the opportunity to be first to get to the tower of magic. Is the game is such a thing as a spell. Spells of wind, water, fire, lightning, and the dead will help you at the right time, if you learn to use them. Pumping through your own character, pay attention to the following parameters: agility, defense, health, magic, strength and good luck. With each new level the hero is getting stronger. Gradually, you isprobuete all modes offered by Heroes Of The Sword Online. This alone, wall to wall and capture the flag. Due to such diversity one will find that most will like. After all, there are people who like to work together, and there are those that are used to deal with all by yourself and do not want anyone to interfere. The right to choose the style of the game is yours, but still, if you do not want to fight hand in hand with other users, it is unlikely to voluntarily refuse to talk to them in a special chat. Game chat - this is an opportunity to find a pleasant companions, meet like-minded people, or to have a debate with someone who has a distinctive from your point of view. The game Heroes of Might and was created in order that you can enjoy spending leisure time. So let all of whatever you come from is fun! Kicking off a confused newbie, form a fighting spirit and become a skilled warrior to the envy of all ill-wishers! Good luck!
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