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Hero Zero Game - a game about superheroes, which contains a number of design options for character customization. show a detailed description of Game Hero Zero - noveysheya online flash game developed by the German company Playata. Hero Zero Game - a game about superheroes, which contains a number of design options for character customization. At the beginning of the game you will notice that the gameplay is not particularly impressive. To play Hero Zero, you need to have your computer must meet the following requirements: A) the frequency of the processor - 2 GHz; B) RAM - 1GB; B) video card - 128 MB. Join in a game Hero Zero simple. To do this, nothing at all: - Select the "Login" on the home page; - Create a character to come up with a name; - A valid e-mail; - Enter your password; - Select "Save". That's all, Hero Zero registration is complete! You have to perform a certain number of missions that can be broken down into two categories: combat missions and mission time. In order to earn the reputation of the other players in the Hero Zero online, you first need to pick up every little thing. These include functions that allow you to chat with your neighbors about the problems and solutions violation. Although it may seem that the mission time is boring, but it is at first sight when you select a mission, the game Hero Zero makes a window that describes the mission, and also indicates the countdown, as you need to wait to get the scores and money. For each mission Hero Zero Game you need to spend a limited amount of energy, which is updated at 12:00 am server time. Accomplish the mission lasts less than 10 minutes. In Zero Hero game you have the opportunity to trade in the currency of the game nutria you in the future if necessary, will be able to exchange for energy, thus getting rid of the energy deficit. When you're playing Hero Zero, then you have to join the fight one-on-one with other users. The hero can independently control the number of fights, and how often they will occur. Side will nominate their frozen avatars. Hero Zero Game gives its players 8 slots, as well as a variety of things that can be used for inventing external views, for example, transparent raincoat, bathrobe, sandals, hair dryer. We can say that here there is a kind of humor! Hero Zero online allows the player after raising its level to do to improve your character, and you can increase his stats, though it can be done more efficiently by paying for it with coins. Do not forget to check out the menu of the enemy, when it to you according to the level of your character, the game will automatically select the Hero Zero. In general, the game Hero Zero - a fun game with PVP living room, which collected the players can boast they create character. By creating a character Hero Zero online can lead to an imbalance of F2P and P2P players, but not many people will spend their money to improve the gaming experience mild game. Hero Zero Game - a game in which you will be able to create unusual and magnificent images of the characters.
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