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Hounds game is presented as a multi-user computer game from a third party in the style of high-grade thriller genre. show a detailed description of Hounds game is presented as a multi-user computer game from a third party in the style of high-grade thriller genre. Hounds game company founded specifically for Korean fans brutal battles with creatures from other planets, what opportunities do not provide a normal life. You will be in the forefront with a combat group who will help ordinary people. So, in order not to delay the time and immediately go to items that are familiar to every game forming its own account in the game. In Hounds registration in principle and in other computer games is not much difficulty and will not cause trouble. In general, all the usual:  write your valid e-mail;  Invent and enter your secret code. And you already find yourself in a world full of darkness and horror. Initially, in order to play the game you will be required Hounds form your own hero. The idea is your hero has ordinary obmundirovku and gear. The advantages are that throughout the game you have the ability to change their appearance and equipment, even small details. The game allowed free Hounds make these functions. For you granted a large variety of weapons, and, in general, all the equipment. Your character will be able to fight as one, and together with the team that facilitates the process of the game, but not much. Since the game Hounds online is your ally on the game can be your friend in real life. Manufacturer thought some game modes for the most avid fans bit monsters:  single mode;  Cooperative;  scale battles;  For online shooter;  Destroy bosses. In single mode is an effective battle against alien creatures face to face. But just as it is quite a complicated process. In cooperative mode, you will fight with their comrades. Here only you will be a lot more enemies that does not improve in the battle group. In large-scale battles battle goes directly into the central part of the city where monsters swarming all around, and there are a large number of your associates. Mode for online shooter is familiar to players of the game in a battle with alien beings. In a separate mode to destroy bosses originally tolerance is not open to all comers. In this mode, the battle is conducted with the great and mighty rulers aliens. With plenty of plus points of this game exist and cons. Since the gameplay comes from a third party, then the whole game you visible from the shoulder. Your hero thus covers the whole picture of what is happening that makes difficult to navigate the course of the game is going on. Here are just to this kind of get used to it after a time. The main principle of the game is to always keep a large stock of weapons. As for the graphics in the game Hounds, then shakes his real and high quality. Long time fans have not seen the game in a similar style as realistic genre. So, you can finally start playing the game Hounds. Enough just register and you turn into a warrior of this dark world of horrors. Successful battles!
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