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Imperion online - free browser based strategy game on the space theme. Fascinating BBMMOG allows the player to take an entire planet and to do it in different economic affairs. show a detailed description of Game review Imperion. Imperion online - free browser based strategy game on the space theme. The project has developed a German company Travian Games GmbH. Fascinating BBMMOG allows the player to take an entire planet and to do it in different economic affairs. By choosing one of the three possible classes, you begin to develop your own personal corner in this universe. No one is forcing you to stop focusing on only one planet - by the time you will be able to expand their knowledge, to colonize neighboring planets that are not populated. Be brave in battles that are inevitable here, feel free to conquer the cosmos, and be sure of your success! Imperion Imperion game has quite affordable system requirements, without scaring off users. To start the game, you just need to have a computer srelney configuration. Imperion registration will take you into deep space. Create an account is very simple. You must fill in the fields that specify the name of the avatar, the password (to be repeated in the next line), and email address. Next you need to confirm their acceptance of the User Agreement, by placing a tick in the right place. This way you are giving your consent to receive new information from the administration. And finally you press the button "Register", which will take you on an exciting adventure. Having started playing Imperion, the first thing you need to decide which race you want to belong to. You will be offered the militant Xena, the Titans and the young Terran. Of course, each of these races has its own characteristics. Xena, for example, in a constant feud with the Titans, and is not averse to pokonfliktovat with Terran. They suppress the number of enemies in the development are betting on genetic research. Have a unique fleet, as well as the original structure of the "brain" that allows you to observe the enemy. But the wise Titans, unlike Xenia, do not like to rush to attack first, but can not defend themselves. In this race the most advanced technology and it is the most cohesive of all. Have their own code of honor. We have the advantage of the Titans - Planetary shield, allowing reflect the sudden attack, and the portal, which allows you to instantly move in the space fleet. Also beneficial subspace Cache, which allows you to store a large amount of resources. The Titans are developing slowly, but then reach a large force. And the Terran race, the youngest, came thanks to the Titans. They - the descendants of people who have not sishkom advanced technology, but advanced culture, which helps them to broaden ownership. Enjoy the support of the Titans. So, you have chosen your race and got possession of the planet. With it, you get a starter supply of resources. Their three - metals, crystals, and, depending on the race, tritium or deuterium. You can become the owner of a small power plant and the construction industry. Training quests will help you understand how to play Imperion. After that, you can easily construct a building to establish production of raw materials and energy. At one point you will reach a level of mastery that will allow you to build your own fleet, because without the fleet you can not fight with other players. And in Imperion play - that means constantly in a state of war. But do not think that you will not be able to take a break from fighting - the game provides a "holiday" setting, which allows you to leave the game play without the fear that someone encroach on your planet or cause damage to you during your absence. But after 14 days of protection will cease to operate. Start playing the game Imperion right now, and you will see how much fun it will give you the project.
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