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If you are crazy about live communication and constantly willing to constantly make new friends, the game IMVU - your chance. show a detailed description of If you are crazy about live communication and constantly willing to constantly make new friends, the game IMVU - your chance. This project has involved more than 80 million people from around the globe. Can play it absolutely residents of any country. Can you imagine: a huge room 3Dobscheniya. Anyone here can choose your character, by which he will make new friends. And who knows, maybe your soul mate is waiting for you in the IMVU online? With this game, you will certainly not be bored. At any time, day or night, you can find someone here who would like to talk just like you. The project runs a special shop. See what and how it is sold, you can, of course, only after login. However, to some intrigue you, make a kind of announcement - the range of the store consists of more than 10 million different products, constantly actively used by other players. Tempting offer, is not it? As mentioned above, but as you yourself might have guessed, as with any online game, IMVU registration you will need for a successful start. The administration of the project allows for the possibility to register through accounts in many social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo! And many, many others. In that case, if your habits are not part of any binding account of the social networks to online gaming, then you should fill out a registration form. To check could begin, you should follow the link «Chooseyourfreeavatar». You will then open the form with which you can create your account, create a project and start to play IMVU. First, get ready for what you will need to choose the look of your character. The system is available to choose from several different images of women and men. Selecting the one that best will you prefer, put a bird on it. If desired, in the course of the game you can change the image by visiting the store. In line called «Chooseyouravatarname» will need to write your nickname, a name that will be known to all participants. The next two fields will need to complete and confirm the password for logging in, respectively (field «CreatePassword» and «ConfirmPassword»). So you can safely play the game IMVU, the password must include at least 8 characters, who should include both letters and numbers are small and capital letters, and special characters. Next in line «Emailaddress» list the address of your e-mail box. In box «DateofBirth» set the counters to your date of birth. In order for the administration of the system did not doubt the purity of your intentions and what you are not a bot, you will need to write down in a field «SecurityCheck» special code that the system itself and you give. If you want to receive messages from the system, you can subscribe to the tick, set in a row «Yes, keepmeintheloop ...». Press «CreateIMVUAccount», accepting the rules of the system. Install the file with the game on the computer and start playing free IMVU.
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