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Alternative names: Uneven alliance, an alliance ladzh

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Jagged Alliance Online - a new free browser-based multiplayer strategy game that requires designing tactics and turn-based action. show a detailed description of Jagged Alliance Online - a new free browser-based multiplayer strategy game that requires designing tactics and turn-based action. The product is created by Gamigo, retains the features of the predecessors, and also has some pretty attractive features. Thanks to the Unity 3D engine, players have the opportunity to enjoy the full effect of the presence in the browser. I am glad that gamers can organize their own headquarters, to enjoy a rich arsenal of weapons, mercenaries, trade among themselves, and engage in self-selection of the most appropriate units, taking into account their characteristics. Will have to fight with artificial intelligence as well as with real players. Create a team of which you can only dream of and forward - to conquer the peaks of glory! To start the game, you will need to check in the game Jagged Alliance Online, with which you can get into the dizzying world of adventure. Turning to the game's official website, go to the desired shape and enter data such as username, password, and e-mail. After that, you should put a tick in agreement with custom game rules. At this Jagged Alliance Online registration is complete. As for the system requirements, the game Jagged Alliance Online will delight you with their loyalty. Featured in the passing game will be enough computer with the following minimum specifications: - 2 GB of RAM; - Core 2 Duo processor with a frequency of 1, 8 GHz; - 3 GB of free hard disk space; - Windows 7 / Vista / XP (SP 2). Play Jagged Alliance Online primarily appeal to those who are obsessed with the exploits on the field of battle and war. But here you are not a simple soldier, running around the locations, and the chief commander of the army. You will need to assemble your own squad of mercenaries to pump and train them. Also, you will create a firm and choose a class for their own mercenary. There are six classes. This is the command of the soldiers, the shooter, watchman, sniper and soldiers. Also affects the choice of units, forming an army. More than 60 types of soldiers ready to serve faithfully and without question to you. Collect powerful army, which will be used in the function of all units - it is only at first glance seems like a daunting task. In fact, it's really you under the mud. The main thing - to believe that things will not let my guard down! Come on! Start with the implementation of the mission and soon you get comfortable in the new world. In different parts of the game world you will be offered a variety of missions. Play the game Jagged Alliance Online you can perform various tasks, which in the game, there are about a hundred. So bored you just will not! Before you lead your squad into battle, you should take care of a decent arsenal of weapons. A wide choice of equipment and weapons, which has about hundreds of items to satisfy even the most demanding players. Selection of opponents in the game works is that the system of selection of opponents you find yourself a worthy opponent. Sami battles are divided into the following variations: Hunter rewards for the capture, Deathmatch (the winner is the one in the party has at least one fighter) and Search `n` Destroy (destroy enemy targets, the protection of their own). Destroying the enemy, you do not just rejoice the victory, but other than that and still get a reward in the form of fuel and honor points. As the Jagged Alliance Online play you will have a ruling mercenaries directly, will need to know what features are in need of pumping. To make a unit invulnerable will improve the following parameters: accuracy, endurance, reflexes, skill and perception. It is also possible to use special equipment and masking for each fighter. In Jagged Alliance Online is to start playing right away, and in a short time you will become classing it to your favorite entertainment! Be a leader in this krvavoy war! Action will give you an amazing tolkopolozhitelnye emotions and good mood! Good luck!
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