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Kartuga Online - multiplayer browser based role-playing toy counterfeit issues. show a detailed description of Kartuga Online - multiplayer browser based role-playing toy counterfeit issues. You become a sea robber and take on the fate of a hot fight live. When you have long dreamed of a large ocean surf on his own ship, not afraid of threats - where the drawing published by InnoGames perfectly suits your needs. A large number of interesting cases shines rotated in a fantasy world where the brave sea wolves feel the real owners. Play Kartuga - mean the mercenary attack on the court in the absence of scruple to rob residents of the city to challenge the district relics of justice, and of course, to cobble together a big business. Kartuga registration is the official web site gives the probability to participate in the closed beta test. You will have the opportunity to enjoy excellent 3D graphics, well thought-out plot, nuts and most entertaining adventure quest tasks. Life in the middle of the pirates can not be called mild, calm because only a dream. In order to achieve success, you have to be energetic, confident, fairly ruthless, agile, responsive, and, of course, manly! System does not reject the claims of wanting to play an exciting fun. Because it is possible to play Kartuga virtually any PC, you will not need to fear that the configuration PC becomes irrelevant. Not excessive zamorachivayas neuvvyazkami you immediately begin to create an account of your capital. Join in a game means providing Kartuga infy such as user name, password, e-mail the address. Then you have to accept user agreement. You see everything easier unpretentious! Be one of the first prospectors bubbling events in the world! Play the game Kartuga, will driving a battleship that eventually you will also improve and develop their capacity. Cruising on the waves of the seas and oceans, you in all its beauty is revealed to be the magical game online. You have to build up skill with the purpose of obtaining access to dozens of diverse skills. As you go along you will find hundreds that will not leave you impassive. A large number of ships to pick up more evidence of fitness to play Kartuga just as personally hunt you! Fun to be more productive in the case once you combine their own resources with the team. And will integrate with the support, you certainly realize that you are actually on the shoulder huge fights. You will be able to realize the most courageous projects and jointly introduced into areas where one by one and there is nothing off limits. To effectively confront enemies, do some negotiation strategies, developed with own friends lethal strategy battle! Online game Kartuga advised to choose for themselves suitable role. You can be an engineer, the Destroyer or defender. Although whoever you are, keep in mind that the team can be useful prototype different characters. Rather than different types of characters? Development on the original tree development, playing style, and, of course, the tasks. Also, any person is owner of his own extraordinary ship. When reality is a little bit of multiplayer modes, and still accounted for a single campaign development skills pirate. You are expected not many naval battles, but also transportation of products, the search of hidden treasure is true, the events aimed at the release of his friends in trouble, the development of science, entertaining trip, taking care of improving ship. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the change of legendary eras and sip as sorrow of all things and pleasures. - Pass the pirate way from its beginning to its end, and come out with a proudly lifted up his head from all troubles! Kartuga game awaits you and always ready to entertain a pleasant surprise! Let the luck will be favorable to you and all zagadanoe accomplished!
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