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Alternative names: Masters of the Universe

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King Stars game - a cosmic online strategy, in which millions of people are playing at the same time show a detailed description of King Stars game - a cosmic online strategy, in which millions of people are playing at the same time, developing their colonies, fighting against each other and entering into alliances. Your insight, intelligence, and assisting the Chief Advisor to help you conquer the universe! Before playing the game Masters of the Universe, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Join in the game King Stars will not take much of your time and easy: On the main page, choose the option "Start now"; Give a name to your character; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password; Select the name of the planet and the universe; Select "Start Game." King Stars registration is over, and you can take up the fulfillment of the Chief Counsel. For the fulfillment of its tasks you will receive resources and galaxies. Play King Stars will be easier if you go to the game every day to get galaxies. Play Online Masters of the Universe is a browser-based space strategy, in which the player will need to give the development of the entire planet using the most modern technologies and buildings. In the Masters of the Universe will be fun to play, because the game has a fairly good graphics and the slow pace of media browser-based game. Here in Masters of the Universe game, you need to think more on each subsequent step, to build in the first place only necessary buildings and rebut every second raids by neighbors, enemies, eager to get your resources earned by the sweat and blood. In spite of this, each lord King Stars game will always come to the aid of friendly adviser and tell you what to do in any given situation. In the Masters of the Universe game, there are 5 different types of resources. These are crystals, metal, deuterium, galaxies and energy. The first three resources are needed to build future space vehicles and buildings in the online Masters of the Universe. Energy reserves, in fact, do not give the buildings to stop production, but the galaxies are the currency of the game, for which you can buy resources and, for a time, services advisor. Counselors in Masters of the Universe game is very different: the defender, geologist, navigator and assassin. In total the number is 15. All counselors King Stars game accelerate and improve the field of activity to which they belong. In addition, you can always rent a human level higher in the game online Masters of the Universe. The main menu of the game are the Buildings. Here in King Stars game, you will find buildings for production and storage resources, and building for the rapid development and military affairs, as well as for trade. Any building you can pump the Masters of the Universe in the game if you have the right amount of resources. And construction is getting slower with each new level, but at an additional cost, you can easily change this state of affairs. Play a game of Masters of the Universe will be even more fun when you have a chance to build an army and fight. All fights in the Masters of the Universe game is carried out only because of other people's resources, so you first need to strengthen their own positions, and then fly to capture the planet is weaker than yours. Play King Stars not worth the most, because the clan can always come to the rescue and protect against resource gatherers robbing your own planet. Masters of the Universe game - a modern browser-based game, in which no ingenuity and strategies you can not do! Go for it!
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