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KlanZ online - a strategic collectible card game with a humorous tone. Attention is invited to the history of a metropolis, it was on its streets and develop game events show a detailed description of KlanZ online - a strategic collectible card game with a humorous tone. Attention is invited to the history of a metropolis, it was on its streets and develop game events. Each newcomer resident of the virtual world seeks to gain power in the city and to approve the expense victories in many battles. The battles are the basis of gameplay. In the beginning you get a team of eight cards. In the role of team leader you will learn quickly enough and be able to make important decisions regarding the selection of cards, the strategy of behavior in combat. You will be involved in many tournaments, so you should take care of replenishing their own deck. Good collection of cards - the key to success in KlanZ Online. Moreover, in the course of the gameplay you open up more and more new types of cards to collect that will never get bored. LURES as their talents and let the envious kicking themselves! To play KlanZ you will need a computer with the following system requirements: Operating system Windows/2000/XP/Vista × 32/Seven, processor Intel Pentium ΙΙΙ 800 MHz, 64 MB video card and 256 MB RAM. To enter the draft needed KlanZ registration. Before registering an account, read the rules of the game, because the Agreement is accepted by default. In general, the registration itself is very simple and fast. Make information such as user name, email address and a password to be able to plunge into a fun game atmosphere. At the start, they will choose an avatar. There are male and female. Once you decide, you are ready for action. During the battle at random drop on the table four cards. In addition to 4 cards you have in stock 12 lives and 12 units of energy. Victory will depend on the number of surviving life indicator, but the energy is needed to ensure that you have the opportunity to make an attack. By the way, the stronger the attack, the more likely that the opponent will be done to the expected loss. Consider the fact that all the cards have certain characteristics. So indicators of strength, damage, abilities, bonus, level and uniqueness can be different. All fights consist of four rounds, but often end up in the past. That is, if someone from the opposing sides are running out of life. Game Klanz able to boast a huge variety and inherent five formats are taken for granted. And after all these formats give an unforgettable experience to be responsible for a change of scenery for the inhabitants of the universe card. So every day tournament held at the Stadium of Arpad and already level 10 you will be available to participate in it. Gildiynye War, which tightened up to 5 weeks, impressive in its scale. Siledy best to brighten up the life of leaders. Incidentally, in this case one has to choose 8 of the 24 cards offered. Well, small tournaments draft pick and created by the players Mini-tournaments - this is another reason to have fun instead of sitting idle. During that how you will play KlanZ, will perform numerous tasks. Daily, weekly assignments, as well as lottery and titles will not miss a minute! There is such a thing as a game events that can earn pounds, and even the cards themselves. The odds of winning are available for various events. Try the Opposition, Valor, Cold Blood, and it is possible that luck will smile to you. Gradually, you accumulate enough game currency for going to a specialty store or market. These are the places where KlanZ game and offers to acquire all necessary. Of course, everything mentioned - not the full potential of the game. Assess its versatility can only when you pass their own gameplay. So let this occupation will be pleasant for you and brightens up every day long hours of leisure! Become the best of the best, do not miss such a unique chance!
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