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Alternative names: Kodex Pirata, Pirates

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The game Pirate Code is a military-economic strategy for the online real pirates! If you are a beginner - it does not matter! Bloody Mary will teach you all the details of the case to a pirate game Pirates. show a detailed description of The game Pirate Code is a military-economic strategy for the online real pirates! If you are a beginner - it does not matter! Bloody Mary will teach you all the details of the case to a pirate game Pirates. Before playing the Pirate's Code, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 256 MB. Pirate Code of registration does not take much of your time and easy: On the main page, choose the option "Register"; Give a nickname to your character; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password; Select the "Register" button. The main purpose of the Code is the Pirate online battles with other players at the headship over the ocean. Need to strengthen the defense of their island to build a maritime empire and develop the building and find the main resources of the game Pirate Code: Wood and Gold Rum. The best way to get the resources in the Pirates game is to get out in the ocean and the neighboring island of robbery. To accomplish this, the game has 40 different units: a powerful artillery, desperadoes, pirate ships, as well as the famous monster Kraken! To win the game in the islands and the Pirate's Code to send reinforcements to friends, you need troops. All troops Code Pirate online can be divided into Protective and attackers who better to combine attack and defense. Also in the game Pirate Code Online you will find two types of armies - Selective and Normal, and the troops can be divided into four types - Pirates, Mercenaries, Escada, Armada. Pirate Code of playing online you do not get bored, because you can attack the real players. But first, it is better to practice on fur seals. You do not have time to look around, on your horizon game Pirates appear objective. Goals - is the sea fort and trading ships, guarded by a computer opponent. Each of them has a security status and performance level. Goals in the game Pirate Code may be protective and attacks. Find new goals you through building a lighthouse. Take aim to board the Code Pirate online and get the troops, expertise and resources to reward! The pirates have a wonderful way to get rich in the game Pirate Code - to capture the cache and build a Trading Company! In the recesses are resources, and rubies - the main treasure of the ocean! If you long to keep cache, you can gather more resources to play Pirates. Other captains also like to profit, so the cook pirate fleet and improve military Inventions, to be strong and invincible! Once you firmly stand on his feet and will win credibility among the captains in the Pirate's Code of play becomes even more interesting, because you will find a war for colonies Orders pirates! Do you want to join or create the Order, then sign a contract soon, which is located in a building in the Coastal Brotherhood game Pirate Code! A large number of players can join in the Order to seize colonies. Increase to the influence can give power over the Colonies, because the more effect, the higher the rating of the Order of the Pirate Code online. Step out into the ocean and open map of the Empire, so you estimate the influence of the Orders. Capture more of the Colonies, invest resources in their development - and you conquer the ocean! Do not forget that the Colonies in the game Pirate Code - an indispensable thing! The King of Spain will constantly attack the colonies, so you heat it ships and get the reward of a patent. With their help, you can Pirate prevratitv royal troops in the Pirate's Code online. And then your Order will be able to create a powerful army. Stay right course to the Code Pirate online and offers unexplored ocean adventure, developed the skill system, the best trophies, most importantly - do not find yourself out in the cold!
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