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Catan game - this is a historical strategy online, where you will make new discoveries on the world map and exciting adventures. show a detailed description of Catan game - this is a historical strategy online, where you will make new discoveries on the world map and exciting adventures. Action Catan online game taking place during the new geographical discoveries, and the object of the game is to control the resources of the New World. You can choose from 5 nations (Spain, England, Portugal, France and the Netherlands), each of them has its own unique racial bonuses. Your path will run across the Atlantic towards the unknown and enigmatic world. Before playing the game Catan, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for this: the frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Join in the game Catan will not take much of your time and easy: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Choose a name for your character; Enter a valid e-mail; Choose the sex of the character; Enter a secure password, and repeat it; Select "Register". Register colonialists successfully passed, and you can move on to conquer uncharted territories and luxurious. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose one of the great empires: Spain, England, the Netherlands, Portugal or France. These powerful and great powers come in a difficult battle for possession of the treasures and resources of the New World game colonialists. The game Catan your journey starts with a small group of settlers who came to the new continent. You will be able to climb the corporate ladder, starting from the governing colonists, who has only a marginal part of the followers, and the head of the province finished, and as a result of defeat in the hard struggle for the sovereignty of your colony from the metropolis to the colonialists online game. In the colonialists browser game you are offered a fascinating land and sea fights, including the search for treasures of ancient civilizations and clashes with the natives. Having started playing the game Catan, you will need to open the building and build a career, a warehouse, a sawmill, because any colony, which only came into existence in the first place needs in building materials. Next, open your long road from the squad leader of the colonists, who is trying to survive in a foreign land, to the head of the colonial province - and that's when you become a struggle for independence from the mother country of the European colonialists in the game. In the colonialists will not play monotonous, because the game will give you a PvP and PvE-battle ships at sea, as well as troops on the ground! You will be able to play for one of the five great powers, each of which can give you the bonuses. Catan game will surprise you with large-scale land and sea battles against playing online. You will be amazed by many military units and a variety of resources. The colonizers online game will show you only the original scheme for unlimited travel the game world, this browser-based game. In addition, the game will give you the opportunity to explore and colonize new mysterious continent. As with any other strategy, completion of Catan online game is to win the war for sovereignty, which is why elaborate tactics and the right alliances will be your key to victory! The colonizers browser game - it's well thought-out historical strategy with quality graphics, PvP and PvE-battles both on land and on the water, a variety of military resources and military units, as well as bright, mysterious world.
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