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Imagine the scene: fishing around the corner from you! Is not it amazing - get in the chair, to throw the bait and watch the float. show a detailed description of Imagine the scene: fishing around the corner from you! Is not it amazing - get in the chair, to throw the bait and watch the float on a fishing game? But make no mistake: the virtual fish do not become an easy prey! Lets fish in the game is, as in the present fishing: the fish will swim back and forth near the float, not looking quite the bait and, besides, they can break a line in a free game about fishing ... Even virtual fish you caught yourself, this fact can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. Try it and you will not be a tear in the Accelerator online! Before playing on fishing, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Go fishing registration will not take much of your time and will not cause problems: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Choose a username; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password; Select "Play Now". The main gameplay on the fishing line is pretty simple, virtual tutorial will explain to you any information step by step, when you first start the game. The players are required to equip the fishing line, fishing rods, bait, hooks, it is necessary to correlate with the approximate maximum weight of fish they are able to hold the hook and pull ashore on the fishing line. Once everything is ready for Fishing, please click on the appropriate button and catch fish free game fishing. Players will need to wait a couple of seconds to peck the fish, and then click on the "pull" on the fishing game. Line tension is visible on your screen, and you'll need to press and hold the "pull" that you have not broken fishing line and reel fell off. When you are engaged in fishing in the Lets Fish game, you earn experience points and money. The game will let you know what you can buy extra equipment in the store (or on the line immediately to the level of the screen) and, consequently, improve the ability to catch fish. Best game fish weight is recorded on a fishing line, and each time they receive a congratulatory message when starting to catch fish. You'll be on the fishing game and see that there are additional quests on the screen and the player is given a variety of tasks, ranging from the "catch [X] number of fish in [place]" to "catch fish [weight]" or catching a particular breed. These quests on fishing line must be completed strictly in a certain period, so the awards are available only to those who complete them strictly on time. Social functions are shown on the fishing game in the form of regular tournaments with the leaders of all the earth, they are trying to play catch fish using a specific set of equipment. "Friends of the leaders of the" Go fishing line is also displayed at the bottom of the screen all the time, as is monitoring of the catch each player, etc. Lets Fish game probably is assigned to a specific niche audience, and all this thanks to the theme and a sufficient number of parts. Fishing fans will be busy for a long time as there is a lot of content to offer a free game about fishing - a huge range of diverse realistic point where you can catch a small fish, a lot of equipment parts which may be acquired, many species of fish and regular special events. For those who are not a fan of fishing, the basic gameplay on the fishing line will be the one where almost nothing has changed, but you can get better equipment as you progress through the levels.
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