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Loong Online ( game Loong Online) - a free game that will immerse you into the world of ancient China - a country that is famous for its greatness and powerful. show a detailed description of Loong Online ( game Loong Online) - a free game that will immerse you into the world of ancient China - a country that is famous for its greatness and powerful. At the moment, the game adapts to the players in Europe and America. As many have noted , the game with an oriental folklore and mythology lately gaining tremendous momentum distribution in the world of gaming. Online game Loong does not apply to the standard games, it's just a work of art in the world of virtual games . The creators of this project have done their best , which subsequently became a success among gamers of all countries. Join in a game Loong Online is not a huge amount of work for you and will only take a few more minutes . You will need : - Specify the name ; - Enter your password ; - Specify your email address . Register Loong over, so the next step - download the game client . Having done all that is required from you , you can safely proceed to the game. Please note , your computer must be set the following parameters: - The processor - 1.5 GHz; - OS - 2 GB ; - Video card with 3D-accelerator - 256 MB; - Hard Disk Space - 5 GB; - OS Windows XP / 7. and the availability of the Internet. Loong online game can stand out from other similar games by the amount of money that has been invested in it , namely the ten million U.S. dollars. These huge costs are justified, you can appreciate it from the very first minutes of the game . Do not leave you indifferent graphics, animation, very design of the virtual world , a great script and plot, as well as translation into many languages. Loong Online game helps you to create your own character, providing you with the use of six hair colors , five of the different types of haircuts , five types of face shapes , as well as the type of clothing. When creating your character , you can also use a bunch of tattoos , earrings , scars . Depending on what weapons to be managed by your hero to the group he will belong either to the totem , brass knuckles , harps , onions , halberd or sword or saber. Initially, you will be able to change weapon when you want, but as you move your character in the game through the levels, you have to do it less and less . The player must simply be to choose the type of weapon that it will improve . Play the game Loong Online will be even easier if you buy here friends and colleagues. Participate in sostizaniyah of various kinds, as well as fights and other activities easier and more fun with your friends. From the first minutes of the game you have to go through a kind of introduction to this virtual world , to find jobs . This game is characterized by automatic navigation system that will simplify the way in times of arrival at a certain place . You just need to specify the desired location on the map and click on a button - your character gets there on their own and quickly. Play the game Loong is a pleasure! Another highlight of this game - the presence of a pet that will not only entertain you , but will combat support during competitions. Seek some success will not be difficult , just save up the experience , completes quests , develop your character . In Loong Online interesting and fun to play , you will not regret your choice! Good luck to you !
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