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Game Lords & Knights - a free multiplayer strategy model, which allows to feel like a medieval feudal lord. show a detailed description of Game Lords & Knights - a free multiplayer strategy model, which allows to feel like a medieval feudal lord. If you are looking for the suitable virtual entertainment and want to be able to constantly have access to it, the game Feudal lords and knights is one of the most versatile options. Indeed, thanks to it you can realize yourself as a person with high mental abilities, enjoy the exciting adventures, plus everything to do this can at any time and in any place convenient for you. After playing in the Lords & Knights can not only through a computer, but with the use of smartphones or tablet PCs. Comfortable, interesting, fun and promising! It's a world where the encounter in the hot battles with numerous other players, as well as find the one devoted friends. Project of XYRALITY GmbH constantly ready to please you! As already mentioned the gameplay can be held on any device that is connected to the Internet. Among the system requirements necessary to pay your attention to the appropriate platform - that iOS 4. ANDROID 2 and 3. Regarding the configuration of the device does not have to worry, since the gameplay perfectly suited average parameters. To take ownership of a piece of land in the medieval world, need to feudal lords and knights registration. You have to enter your email address and choose a password. Plus you have to accept the rules and privacy policy. As you can see all the elementary. As the Lords & Knights registration takes you to a space that at first did not particularly pleasing to the eye, you should lose no time to take to transform it. What you see around you in the beginning, so it is desert land, which does not even seem to be suitable for living. However, all is not as bleak as it may think a beginner. Those bands of warriors that run carelessly around the grounds, you are unable to organize and transform over time into a powerful army. Themselves have gradually built up the land. One after another, these buildings will appear as the Citadel, Arsenal, Market Tavern, Library, fortifications, Farm, Woodman, Quarries, Stone Warehouse, mine, wood store, warehouse ores. These thirteen buildings each have their purpose and, completing the process of construction, will be able to finally gain confidence in the future. In the future, expect hard work to improve those same objects. As for the army, it will need to not just form, but also to educate. You have participated in many battles. Check that the troops were in the different units. Archers, armored horsemen, swordsmen and other fighters - all of them, performing each role on the battlefield, increase your chances of success. Take care that your soldiers did not disappoint! In the feudal lords and knights online you have the right to challenge anyone you wish. But do not get carried away by military actions. Reconquer the territory of the matter, of course, necessary, but also cooperate with other lords very useful. During that as feudal lords and knights will play, you still have to watch out for and the amount of resources. Players available resources such as wood, ore, copper, stone, silver, gold, and a special type of resource - subjects. Mining resources, you can save up and store them in warehouses. The population used a little differently than the rest. So filed are able to perform the tasks that will be put in front of them, thus contributing to the development of the kingdom. Lords & Knights hand to play, do your best to learn how to be respected, wise, just and rational master of your domain! Immerse yourself in the pleasant cycle of trouble, starting feudal lords and knights to play online. See for yourself just how addictive it can be to do. We wish you success and a good mood every day!
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