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Lost Magic game - browser based multiplayer game. Immediately it is worth noting that this game does not require a download to your PC, additional software to file the client. show a detailed description of Lost Magic game - browser based multiplayer game. Immediately it is worth noting that this game does not require a download to your PC, additional software to file the client. History Lost Magic game world is this: for many decades mastering the world, studied and developed the wisdom of magic. Magic was so widespread that its use became daily, ubiquitous attribute of each resident. For example, the magic is often used, even in times when it was necessary to just go to another room. In this regard, technical progress has suffered quite serious losses and slowed significantly, always remaining at a low level. One day, a powerful wizard made a most severe error that affected the whole world. As a result of the errors of the supreme magicians in the world, the magic was gone and all manifestations of magic. Pay attention to the fact that the history of the game world indicates that small clumps of magic left in the ancient scrolls and artifacts. But, thanks to this magical catastrophe the world has to establish close contact with the modern Earth. Immediately after the tragic events of the world began to settle sick of people who, because of their actions is not accurate to upset the delicate balance between the worlds. Now that people have occupied more than half of the World elves, orcs and dragons have to make every effort to survive, along with people. Lost Magic Online allows each user to choose for which side he will fight and shed the blood of enemies. It is worth noting an amusing fact - despite the fact that the representatives of different races fight each other, in every race you can find an ally who will fight courageously with you shoulder to shoulder. In order to successfully play the Lost Magic, each player will be required to perform various tasks, in which a great number of game. Very nice addition to the experience that is a quest the player still has the opportunity to get a variety of fascinating subjects. The main part of the gameplay in Lost Magik - fierce, bloody battle. With victory in each of the next battle, the player receives a certain amount of experience, fragments of magic items and even money. In this context it is worth mentioning that anyone who starts playing Lost Magic can take part in one-on-one battles, or group to group. Combat is based on the process step by step system, that is, each of the players can hit a roost in turn. In addition to the physical skills, you can use the magical capabilities, and support potions and other useful things. In the fascinating world of browser-based game Lost Magic has its own game currency, using which the user can buy all sorts of spells, weapons, settings, clothing and more. It is through the use of their own game currency, world Lost Magic got its own, unique market things. But you can not not remember that in the game world, there is another currency. You can only get it for real money, but it provides enough benefits to the ordinary players. In order to dive into the gameplay and start playing the game online Lost Magic you must have to get registered in the game Lost Magic. It is worth noting that the registration Lost Magic uses standard graphs registration form, so there are no difficulties in the registration process should arise.
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