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Game Lost Sector - Amazing very interesting strategy, the effect of which takes place in real time. You become an accomplice of endless fights for significant pharmacological product with the title of "Mystery" show a detailed description of Game Lost Sector - Amazing very interesting strategy, the effect of which takes place in real time. You become an accomplice of endless fights for significant pharmacological product with the title of "Mystery." Day, as soon as this product was invented, was fatal. Back in 2031 the human race was peaceful, not knowing about any sensitive or whether a fantastic preparation. As suddenly as if the thunder from the sky light - a unique new release, the remedy for painful feelings, the product turns the faded youth and allows you to insert a variety of implants in the human body in the absence of the final rejection. Of course, that "puzzles" were not interested so much power, after all, ordinary folk. But access to it has been granted a selective circles. And if as soon as the government formally divided the community in terms of social responsibility, the uprising was not closely invalid. So started a grueling four years of war. In today's 2035, in which, and to play in Lost Sector, territory population dropped to a critical minimum. People have killed themselves, and the world has completely postapokalipstichesky look. But is awakened data Crazy? Where there - the army and the impact lasts for the moment, and the victim becomes more and more. Let this closer is not the huge war that broke out first, though not a place of tranquility. And by joining the gaming community, do not count on quietly measured life. Move into the future can help Lost Sector registration. Filling the appropriate form, you must use these following: electronic the address, password, code illustration. The passed registration in the game Lost Sector gives the probability of the customer to download fun. However, you are required to send their views on such a significant episode as the configuration PC. For gameplay in the absence of any glitches there need these features: - The operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64); - Processor 1. 8 GHz; - Video class nVIDIA GeForce 6800 / ATI Radeon X850, 256 MB; - 500 mb disk space on strict; - RAM 1 GB; - Internet connection is 256 kbps. As soon as the PC is suitable smallest system claims, the benefit in Broxton Welcome! Directly in this town and you have to play the Lost Sector. This one of the free zones, for what is now fighting followers of power and ethnic sorting. You have the option of opposing factions, one of which must join. Factions of the law and about: Athanor, Labs, Vanguard, the police, army units E81. Although there are many anarchist textures that not only do not want anyone to obey, but throw an open challenge to the authorities. This brave relating to these sort the Anarchy, Anti, Diggers, Collectors, Prisoners, Smugglers, Geeks, Union or disorder. Still there is a league of merchants, which is considered a neutral faction and guarantees mercenary and postal links between metropolitan areas. On which side you wish to play the game online Lost Sector - your business. Fight, then one way or another you have to! During gameplay you will find a number of exciting components. For the sample it is possible to list some of them. Finally, during the gameplay You will be able to be worn, jumping across rooftops, stairs, floors, apply tucked towards shelter, make ambushes and naturally go in the direction that you want. In Lost Sector online you will not be tied to one place, because everywhere must keep up on time! Above all else, the game Lost Sector different these distinctive features: Cute, realistic graphics, full of different surprises vast vast choice of location tools (overseas and Russian types) Besslavlena strategy of becoming unbounded character. Current episode is an introduction to the clan. Work one less time-consuming, but not safe, and together with fellow You will be able to reach almost all. Perform as possible PvE and PvP quests, let this brings you the most pleasure! Make sure personal experience in the pros and the defects of the plan. Wanting looking ahead, and so it is possible to say that the game Lost sector will soon be your sweetheart Attractions! Success!
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