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French Lunaria - game filled quests. This game is a fairy-tale, in which you can manage your own characters. show a detailed description of French Lunaria - game filled quests. This game is a fairy-tale, in which you can manage your own characters. If desired, any registered participant can try your hand at the quiz, answering questions of varying complexity in which you can earn extra points and bonuses. Lunariaonline - one of the few games in which realized the possibility, favored by many players, to get pets. As mentioned above, to participate in the game can only registered users. Accordingly, as in most other online games, Lunaria registration process is required. Sign up for this game, you can quickly and without the application of any effort. To begin your registration, you need to play on the main page to find the button «S'inscrire», located at the entrance to a field already registered participants of the system. It will open a registration form at the top field which will need to be to enter your login (the familiar name of the game). In the next line, you must specify your real e-mail. The last two fields will need to complete and confirm a password, respectively. The next line to fill is optional, but if you want you can set it as their date of birth. In the next field Lunaria online game will require you introduce a verification code to confirm your good, and most importantly - human, intentions. To check could be successfully completed, you will be required to accept the terms of this agreement. You can do this by placing a check in the next line. Line below, if you wish, you can sign up for automatic e-newsletter from the administration of the game. If all the fields are filled in correctly, click on the gray button «Soumettre», to complete the registration process. The game is available to participants a few game servers, but also the administration recommends beginners go to the Server S4, where they can best adapt to the game. In Lunaria play will be quite interesting to everyone: children and growns. Each participant in the gameplay are several basic types of artifacts: Weapons, which helps to increase the strength. Necklaces needed for the bonus rage. Gloves that help to make a critical hit. Rings that increase critical hit. Bracelets for accuracy. Helmet for more shots. Breastplate, giving the points of defense. Leggings needed for magical protection. Boots, giving strength in battle. Shield to reduce the critical damage. Play a game of Lunaria is interesting not only because of the huge amount of interesnyhkvestov. This game also has excellent graphics and otlichnymgeympleem. The player here must constantly evolve. The higher the level, the steeper the artifacts he can muster. Pumping artifacts to the highest level, the player will be able to create new own.
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