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Another interesting strategy - igraMasteroftheWinds. It is designed for a large number of users. Online game that will captivate you to stay. show a detailed description of Another interesting strategy - igraMasteroftheWinds. It is designed for a large number of users. Online game that will captivate you to stay. Get ready for the battles and completing quests. Yes, yes, this game involves execution of a huge number of quests, so bored you just do not have to! Administration of the game closely follows the constant updates on a regular basis and tries to please the participants in the project with new tasks. Since MasteroftheWindsonline - a very young game, the number of sign-gameplay is not so great. However, every day there are new design and new users. Just as in all the other online games, MasteroftheWindsregistratsiya become mandatory process. Since the entire leadership of the game is in Russian, then deal with all the intricacies of management, complete the registration form were not working. In the form of green marked with asterisks are those items that are required. To begin your registration, you will need to click on the "Register" button, which is located in the upper right corner of the home page under the form of authorization for already registered users. In front of you you will see a new character, registration form, fill in which you can begin to MasteroftheWindsigrat. In the first form field you can specify the name of his character, by which it will be able to learn all the other users. In the next field, it will be necessary to write your real name. In the fields, in order: check your gender, select the city where you are, and on the counters, set the date of his birth. In the next line, "Your e-mail» specify the address of your electronic mailbox. The next two fields, you will need to enter a unique password for your personal account and games, respectively, to confirm it. To make sure your password is not able to crack the scammers try to make it as reliable. Being confident in the security of your account, you can safely igratvigruMasteroftheWinds. Next in the "About Me" you can provide any information on the system itself. This information will be visible to all other users of the system. To check in the game could be completed, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the user agreement. Express their consent can be assigned a bird in the appropriate form field (the last field). All filling and verifying click on the "Create a character". In this game you can become a member of an existing clan or create your own. The game can be played MasteroftheWindsbesplatno following classes of characters: Warriors are ideally possess excellent martial arts and fighting. Mage - they know all the secrets of magic. Babbitt - this class is assigned to the character immediately after registration. Rangers - they are learning all around, their main difference - the dexterity and agility!
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