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Merc Elite moba game in the genre of shooter. The action takes place in the future where you expect a clash units corporations show a detailed description of Merc Elite moba game in the genre of shooter. The action takes place in the future where you expect a clash units corporations. Look forward to the genre MOBA. In this game you will be shown all the skills strategy and lead your squad to victory with minimal losses. Merc Elite online game in which you can take part in the battle five-a-line. Upgrade your troops, obtain new equipment, and you will succeed, fight and be the first everywhere and always, this is your chance. To play the game Merc Elite you need a computer with these system requirements: • a computer with a browser; • Connection to the Internet. To begin playing the Merc Elite registration must be registered on the site: login to the official website of the game Merc Elite; Enter username who'll be using in the future; create a password; repeat the password; enter your e-mail address; select - start playing. The game Merc Elite online you will find an exciting battle with thousands of players around the world, develop its army, improve and improve their skills, it will help you defeat the enemy and the infidel allies. Also, you will meet different classes such as: • Scout; • Tactics; • Heavy Gunner. Scout - necessary for reconnaissance area will not always visible, and finds out all the necessary information. Always carry a deadly set of samurai swords and machine guns. Tactics - the most valuable player, is responsible for the protection and coordination team is also conducting exploration. Always with you - a pistol and revolver. Heavy Gunner - an essential fighter that covers their allies. Arsenal: Skill "Shock RPG" and "Rocket attack." Just stay tuned because the following classes will be in the next additions to the game Merc Elite. Also on the site you can view the screen shots and video players, as close as possible to familiarize with the game Merc Elite. What I want to say is that the game Merc Elite is free, but for individual services you can pay and improve your score, but no amount of money compared to your personal ability, you can show everyone what a brilliant strategist who can enter from any difficult situations . Alexander the Great was the first to introduce the tactics in the battle, worse than you? Prove it in a game Merc Elite. Become a legend victory after victory, nothing will stop you, show you all the best. Use cover, insidious tactics of attack, to surprise the enemy by surprise, it's all you can do in the game Merc Elite and prove their dominance. In Merc Elite play pretty entertaining as a thriller and a strategic shooter with high-quality graphics. All fans of fallout here! Waiting for you! Good luck!
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