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Online role-playing game Mesolithic - browser-based game that will give you peace of primitive life. Events unfolding in the era of antiquity. Then another Cro-Magnons lived. show a detailed description of Online role-playing game Mesolithic - browser-based game that will give you peace of primitive life. Events unfolding in the era of antiquity. Then another Cro-Magnons lived. Everything is based on the primitive instincts and improvised means. Mesolithic online takes you into the wonderful world of history, where you can feel like a primitive man and understand the life that was many years ago. Excellent graphics, fantastic plot allows the player to compete with the Queen of Nature. Before playing the game online Mesolithic, check your computer's capabilities. If it meets the requirements listed below, all you'll be fine. System requirements: Standard office PC. Stable internet. Adobe Flash Player above version 9. Join in the game Mesolithic include sex selection player, a unique name, e-mail address and password. You will then receive an email with the data that they are not forgotten. Now play on health, because Mesolithic registration is now complete. After the Mesolithic online registration you are in an era of primitive Mesolithic hunter. Play Mesolithic very interesting. The game is full of quests. They will give the opportunity to earn the first skin and normal weapons. And also you can take part in PvE battles. You will meet with many animals, where they were somewhere sixty species. For example, leopards, jackals, mammoths, rhinoceroses, etc. You need to enable smart, that catch the beast, but the gun did not hurt. Mesolithic online game can provide three types of weapons. Thrown. This includes bola - a one-handed weapon with ammunition. Easy includes a hand ax and a club. Heavy weapons - a spear and cudgel. Back in your arsenal is a shield that can protect against attackers. Completing quests, you get the ability to master fighting techniques. But their fashionable purchase from NPC-character called Coach. The character still has the characteristics such as courage and talent. Mezzo game lets you indulge, because it offers a craft that is related to mining and crafting. You can choose any of the five proposed: gathering, flaying of hides, crafts, processing, quackery. The hero can wield two professions that complement each other. This mining (the hero of tribesmen provides resources and products) and producing (manufacturing of clothing, weapons, drugs and other household items.) Play the game online Mesolithic possible for the currency. This may be a game (teeth that you can get by playing quests or selling all sorts of items, and the crystals are buying the real or exchange on the teeth in the other gamers) and the real currency. Private location set up for PvP battles. If the enemy has a budding business card "Horn of war", it can easily cause to fight another user. But still available team battles. There should be five to seven players at your level. In the Mesolithic play is very simple, but interesting. This game especially. The player simply has to collect various resources to developing his character. A great time to be spending m game Mezolit. The primitive atmosphere, nice music, creative graphics give you a lot of fun. It is not necessary to wrestle with what to do next. Go to the website of the game and dive into the history of mankind. Play and enjoy!
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