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Monopoly Star game can be called a multiplayer online game, it is relevant to the genre called "economic strategy." show a detailed description of Monopoly Star game can be called a multiplayer online game, it is relevant to the genre called "economic strategy." Here you will need luck, passion and intelligence. The game will give you a wonderful pastime in the company of your friends. Not only pleasant emotions you get here at the table game of Monopoly, but the ability VIP-games have won translate your electronic purse. The game Monopoly is making rules that are close to the maximum of its version of the board game (Banker, Monopoly, and Millionaire Businessman, etc. To make it easy, the process is automated to the maximum the game in Monopoly online, and you do not lose the opportunity to participate in making economic decisions kakih-nibud. Main goal of the game Monopoly online - is the desire to destroy your enemies, but be careful not to become bankrupt themselves. Your capital may increase Monopoly online: rent or sell property you may first purchase. Before playing Monopoly online, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Monopoly registration does not take a lot of time and will not cause problems: On the main page, select the item "Registration"; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password, and repeat it; Think of the character's nickname and upload an avatar, then enter your real name, sex, date of birth and region of residence; Select "Register". Monopoly game is popular all over the world economic game board, founded by an American called Charles Darrow. The game Monopoly Star exciting enough, allows participants to express emotions, among other things, Monopoly game can be called economic strategy with simple rules. In Monopoly online at least 2 people will be able to play. The aim would be to make your opponent bankrupt. You'll be playing Monopoly online and alternately throwing dice, then move in a circle on the following items - so much so which position fell on the dice. Your action in Monopoly online depends strictly on in what field (cell or sector), you appear, respectively, in the presence of several options: to buy a bank or building; pay a ransom if a certain site is owned by the opponent. To earn a Monopoly online, you can lease or sell their buildings or shares. Only in the event that insufficient funds for the transaction, you have the opportunity to take credit in the game Monopoly. You'll be online to play Monopoly by the rules previously been studied. You have at the disposal of the playing field, you will have enemies, you will be throwing dice (virtual, in this case). Monopoly game will give you the opportunity to buy and hoard of construction funds. Developers Monopoly online nice tried to leave the maximum similarity of the online version of the game with its original version. It should be noted that this happened: the first minutes of game Monopoly Star literally mesmerizing realism, reasonableness and simplicity. The game Monopoly has established itself initially as a free game, but each also have the opportunity to insertion of money, for example, buy a VIP-status, which can provide enough benefits. But Monopoly online is not a prerequisite: you have the opportunity to not spend money and play Monopoly online! Get in Monopoly money online is possible, you just need to play with a friend to play for cash on request (you will win easily bring up the WMR-purse). It is also possible to take part in the tournament, it has a prize fund.
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