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Navi Age online - free game for many users developed Infiplay company that will introduce you to the world of maritime adventure. show a detailed description of Navi Age online - free game for many users developed Infiplay company that will introduce you to the world of maritime adventure. You are coming from different studies of aquatic locations, control of the ship, the command crew, and especially the development and improvement, the signing of trade agreements, and of course participate in the mass battles. To help you will be given the captain, who has some influence your power to fight. So you should get a great captain, then success is guaranteed. As for the ship, then it must necessarily equip. In this game you have to choose, how do you follow through - military, commercial or mixed, and be prepared to get into the power of the region between North and Western Europe. The sea - this is the place where you will find a lot of surprises and challenges, as well as a huge number of fights with monsters, bosses and other players in the game. Navi Age registration is required, you just only need to provide your e-mail address, password. Registration means that you have given your user agreement. Games Age of sea adventures require you to only the presence of a conventional computer, with which you can plunge into the world of mysterious adventures. In this game there are VIP-status, with which players get a lot of privileges, but you need to update your account with real money. However, you can be a regular player and reach at least the high peaks of the game. You choose. Navi Age play from the first minute already take care of the captain. Keep in mind that classes are organized by their captains Ascending: white, then green, blue, purple and finally orange. The game sometimes you can take advantage of this feature as the "Update", which will help you gain a better captain last. Do not lose this chance! In the course of the game you have to keep track of pumping your captain, his improvement, any improvement in the characteristics of choosing a hero, look at the class parameters, re-training, star, skills, and improve the level of development of the target. Navi Age game will provide you with a flotilla of ships, but remember that every ship needs to improve, monitor his condition. Take care available to each individual command ship, weapons and ammunition. Thanks to this option "Flotilla" you can keep track of their ships, and to carry out some operations with them. It should be noted that having a special stones, you will be able to increase the power of your outfit. All their items and other things you can place in the warehouse, which you can dig up in shallow water. In order to replenish the store - go to the dungeons for mining equipment, skills, and various materials for the ship. A little perseverance, effort, and you open all the way to the heights. Play Navi Age is also to be aware of the pricing policy around the world, as well as purchase and sell various items, weapons, uniforms and so on. As the money you will use bullion, silver, which will receive as prizes and awards, as well as gold, which can be purchased for real money. In this mproekte there is such a thing as a "throw the anchor", in which you can make the experience even offline. You will have the opportunity to participate in the battles not only alone, but also as a member of the clan. We only wish you the best of luck in these exciting adventures!
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