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If you love the sea adventures, crazy about ships and know by heart the whole of naval ships, the game NavyField - what you need show a detailed description of If you love the sea adventures, crazy about ships and know by heart the whole of naval ships, the game NavyField - what you need. Once you get into it, you automatically become a seasoned captain, able to manage a huge fleet, which is now more than ever needs your competent leadership and support. After all, who, if not you will be able to lead the fleet to victory? NavyField online - play, in real time, which allows for the simultaneous participation of a large number of players. Game classified as a strategic naval simulator. In short, it is the dream of all those who love the ships, and enjoys shooters and just was looking for, what to play! From most of the other games that are not characterized in that the profile NavyField also needed. However, the registration process is simple and takes you quite a bit of time. To begin the registration process, you will need to follow the link «New Account», located on the home page under the form of the game to enter the already registered users. In the form that appears in the «ID» will need to register your normal login, nickname, which you used to use in online games. The minimum number of characters in the login - 4. The next two lines are for the password and confirm it. At least in the password can be 6 characters. In it, you can use numbers or letters at their discretion. In line «E-mail» need to record your actual existing mailbox. If you agree to sign up to receive newsletter from the administration of the system, then you need to put a tick in agreement in the next line. If you want, in the following fields can indicate your date of birth and gender. However, since the block in the online registration NavyField marked in green, it can be considered optional for filling. For security purposes, you will need to enter a verification code, the proposed system in the «Verification Code». To check has been completed, you will need to confirm their acceptance of the Terms of Service, which you can optionally available via the link «View Terms ...», express consent can tick, set in the corresponding line. Once all the fields are filled in, you can click on the button «Submit». After that the post you will need to come to an email containing a confirmation code and a link. From the following link, you will see a form that will need to enter your login information: username, password, and came to the post office code. Next, you were finally able to start the game, you will need to download NavyField by the installation file for your operating system. In NavyField play will appeal to all, not only to fans of shooters on the naval theme. In the game you will need to select the country, the fleet which you would like to protect.
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