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Alternative names: NF2, Navifild 2

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In NavyField 2, you have to be a brave captain of the Navy of one of the selected countries show a detailed description of Those who are already familiar with the first part of this strategy, some might guess that is a game NavyField 2. This game is perfect, free, just like its predecessor. And just as in the first part, you have to be a brave captain of the Navy one of the selected countries. Remained unchanged rules of the game only to registered users, but here in NavyField 2 registration has become somewhat more complicated when compared with the first. Start registration by pressing the button «SignUp», which you can see on the homepage strnaitse game. It is located in the upper right corner next to the big button «Play». The first field is opened in front of you a registration form, is called «NEXON Europe ID», to fill their game login, which should consist of a minimum of 4 characters (you can use both letters and numbers, if desired). The following line under the name «Forum ID» must be completed your login, which will be used to communicate on the forum. And the game username and password for the forum can not match. The name for the forum should also not be less than 4 characters. In the following two fields in the order you would need to enter and, accordingly, confirm your password to access the NavyField 2 online. The password must be at least 6 but no more than 12 characters. As you probably already guessed, in line «Email» you will need to indicate your inbox. The next two fields will need to fill your personal information: to record your name. While the last game string «Birthday» could be left empty in NavyField 2 online filling out the birth date is required. In the «Gender» must be ticked to indicate your gender (well, or, if you will, that sex of the character, who would you want to play). To check in the game could be successfully completed, you will need to agree to the terms of this agreement, which can be done by putting a check in front of the phrase «I have read ...». Further, if you wish, you can also check to agree to receive the newsletter of the system. When all the fields are filled in, you can complete the registration by clicking on the button «Sign Up». After that, your inbox will receive an email, which will contain a link to confirm. Click on the link and congratulations, registration is completed successfully! So you could finally look at the game and learn about its features, you will need to NavyField 2 download from the home page of the official game site. In this game, the fans will appreciate the expansion of the fleet, because now you can replenish its fleet considerably large number of ships. Destroyer. Light, heavy and battle cruisers. Warships. Accompanying and ordinary cruisers, aircraft carriers. Stormtroopers. Submarines. In NavyField 2 play will certainly enjoy playing everything. The graphics and gameplay of this game is of sufficient quality and will keep you busy for a long time. Hurry, your new fleet is waiting for you!
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