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Nemexia Online - browser based game that is popular with many users and where they will be able to rule the entire universe! show a detailed description of Nemexia Online - browser based game that is popular with many users and where they will be able to rule the entire universe! In the game you will need to perform critical tasks, build a strong fleet. Online game Nemexia show you planets that are nearby stars, just like in our solar system, as well as introduce you to the large list of different buildings, military equipment improvements. Join in the game Nemexia is not difficult. In Nemexia registration takes place in a short time, and consists of filling the cells with necessary information: information about you, e-mail, through which it will be necessary to carry out the activation. Here, perhaps, and all online game Nemexia immerse you into their world. This stage of the project developers have decided not only to attract the interest of the players, but also to keep her in the game. Having started playing the game Nemexia online, from the beginning you will see the interface in futuristic style, which is not only good to use, but its uniqueness will delight your eyes. This shows the structure of the game is wonderful, and ships, as well as megakonglomeraty to grow, and the view of the universe simply unforgettable! This simply can not enjoy! As for the kind of space on your body, it lstavlyaet poor. Begin to play the game online you have to Nemexia with quests that make you familiar with the process of the game. Nemeksiya, compared with other similar games that will not cause you to play the first stage of reluctance. From the first of your actions, performance of tasks to play the game online Nemexia you will merge into one with the virtual world, which will cause more and more the interest and just want to know what's the matter will end at the next level or stage. In Nemexia you'll fight for different resources, which at the game developer does not suffice. The player who started playing Nemexia faced with the need to collect three types of resources: gas, minerals, metals, which tend to run out, so do not waste them left and right, and do not turn them in obtaining a fever. These resources will you use in the construction of buildings, fleet and just make other improvements in your game. You will attack the enemy planets Nemeksii, as well as to defend against invaders with the help of warships. Your goal - to destroy the antagonist, or get an order over their resources. The game Nemexia there is another kind of resources - energy, designed to preserve the life of the planet. The right amount of energy you can get if your planet sources of energy of the star, in other words, you need to have a solar panel. After registering Nemeksii player has the right to choose one of three races and join it, but remember that this choice depends raszviti evashey planet, as each race inherent differences not only external but also technological. Nemexia you have to play in the great galaxies that populate the allies are not only experienced, but also enemies with different levels of development, they will certainly not be bored! If you want to get on some desert island, then we can give you even more - the whole planet, which is controlled by browser game Nemexia!
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