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Game Nova Raider - free browser based MMORPG on the space theme. The game takes place in real time. show a detailed description of Game Nova Raider - free browser based MMORPG on the space theme. The game takes place in real time. In the infinite intergalactic space you come to be in as pilot a spaceship that could prevent an attack ennemy. Despite the confusion, you are still looking for an opportunity to return to their home planet. Pushes you forward a burning desire to return home. But in the vast universe of exercise is quite problematic. You wander among the galaxies, and before you get to your destination, will have to undergo a series of tests. You wait unpleasant meeting with monsters and pirates who try to hurt you, or worse - destroy them. To survive in numerous battles, you just have to take care of decent weapons and to modernize the ship, but also to find reliable allies. Only collaborating with other players you will feel confident and thus be able to achieve the desired goal. Breathtaking adventure will begin after the Nova Raider will be carried out in registration. Creating an account will not take you much time and effort. You will need to fill in a few fields: user name e-mail and password. It will also be necessary to select the server on which you choose to play. Registration in Nova Raider game means by a user agreement with the rules of the game, so check at this point is the default. Do not worry that you'll need to play a super-computer. System prametrov game quite low, and you will be able to enjoy playing in the Nova Raider from the computer to the average. So, what awaits those brave souls who decided to play the game Nova Raider. Using the options game, you will fight to kill the monsters that will obstruct your way, to collect useful resources on the galaxy, to participate in various transactions and events. For example, Facebook'e have a huge number of exciting transactions under the name of "New Star Raider». Now, tell a little about the events in the game. They are very different. Well, take at least a Halloween or Christmas holidays. Be sure that you have time to be bored will not. Also worth mentioning, that you will have the opportunity to acquire star in a bank inside the kit. This will give you an advantage. It is understood that since you are a member of a certain clan and chose the team, so you will need to take part in the implementation of cooperative quests. Teaming up with other players, you can not only quickly cope with the tasks, but also to successfully fight against powerful bosses. In order to play in the Nova Raider online you need at the beginning of the game to choose the ship. Each class has its own specialization of ships, by which is understood all special operations. In the game world Nova Raider online esttakie classes of ships as: Raider (Done), Support (healing), Balansed (planet), Tank (defense) and Trader (trade). Choose the option that's right for you! The mechanism of the ships has some useful properties. For example, the percentage of resourcefulness is responsible for how many enemy missiles do not hit the target. The main processor improves product damage drone support. The term "critical opportunity" means a chance to contact the critical protest. That is, the critical outcry causes twice as much damage than the damage done by the usual shots. A precision means your number of shots that hit the target. During the battle, you have to take into account the special characteristics of their spacecraft. Nova Raider online game in which you will find many surprises. For example, how do you react to the split? Through these unidirectional temporal spatial holes that appear in the galaxies, leak all sorts of monsters such as worms and other monsters. It would seem that this horror can not find the positive side. But no, this is your chance to earn. After all, for a worm killed you get a full five stars! In conclusion, I would say that in Nova Raider play a very comfortable thanks to the detailed maps. You can navigate to the mini-map on the world map by clicking on the icon "up", which is located in the lower right corner of the display. The game also has a unique system of ranks and a rating, which encourages players to try to win the top spot. If you came here with the intention to win - all you will succeed! Come on! Everything is in your hands!
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