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Game Odyssey - a new interactive strategy on maritime warfare show a detailed description of Ordinary at first glance, online game, on closer examination turns out to be something more. Game Odyssey new interactive strategy. How did the creators call it - a "strategic socio-war" game. While the majority of traditional online games are completely free: they do not need to pay a registration fee, nor for any achievements in the game, Odyssey online you will have a chance not only to enjoy the social voennostyu of the game, but also earn some. Yes, in this game you can play to earn money with their achievements, and actual output to your webmoney purse. Just as in many online games, the participants of this game can only be registered users. And then, as many are accustomed to a more or less traditional forms of registration, registration in the Odyssey wins just to the core. Perhaps the creators of the game quick check just wanted to save precious time players, because there in front of them waiting for real money? Indeed, at first registration in the game with the ability to output real money looks, frankly, not serious. Going to the game's official website, in the center of the page, you will see a window for entering the login and password. That's all, username and password entered, and the game Odysseus immediately let you into your gaming account. And when you are, it would seem, half a step from the beginning of a memorable game, the system presents you another surprise. You will not be able to perform any action in the game as long as do not confirm your mobile phone number. To make things clear, what is at stake, it is necessary to look into the private office. Here your attention is that same registration form, which used many avid players of online games. Now, to begin play in the Odyssey you will need to fill in all the proposed fields. All the requirements for filling spelled in Russian, so fill in the registration form for you were not working. In the field, which is located near the end of the form, you will need to provide your mobile phone number, then you need to click on "Save Room." After that, you should come to the phone sms-ka with a secret code confirm that you will need to enter in the appropriate field in your account. Only now, as it turns out, you can start the game. Since the Odyssey online is slightly different from most other strategies, and unlike them work with real money in it you will be able to attract so-called "referrals". Send friends a special link where they can register. Once people register it on your link, it will appear in your list of referrals. From the earnings and gains of these people, you can get a small commission during the game. In the Odyssey play will appeal to all lovers of quests. Furthermore, the ability to earn, and even more so through the game, yet does not leave anyone indifferent. Register yourself and invite your friends!
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