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OGame online - requiring the use of strategies BBMMOG mythical model that free play. show a detailed description of OGame online - requiring the use of strategies BBMMOG mythical model that free play. Rather big space world has never before been so readily available, albeit virtually, as long as the company Gameforge GmbH did not offer users the own browser product. And already You will be able to capture space objects, and themselves, the world, and have them fully and completely. Even despite the fact that a beginner gets only one and that is not in a much better state of the planet, in the presence of one of the prerequisites to colonize other planets in the universe, where he will undertake to play OGame. In any universe there for nine galaxies that contain less than 500 star systems, well into the solar system, visits to 15 inhabited planets. And there is something to Pozar, was to have healthy ambitions. Although I remember that owning a planet - a great responsibility. And production resources necessary to control, and to build the required home and pay attention to those. progress, and to make certain army texture. In short, would not seem that the duties a little! It may be that you are engaged in life people now upset that OGame game is not for you, times have too many gameplay elements necessary to exercise control. But take the time to convince the fun does not takes away a large amount of free time. Including hour happens is enough to support all at the right level. And the actions that will take place during your mechanical unavailability can read in a thorough report. Moreover, it is possible to enter into the fun including a cell phone. As you closer, certainly smart enough, the system claims to OGame online the very least. Main - plex online and progressive browser with JavaScript .. Do not refuse the pleasure to take part in the competition of smart strategy! Not more than a few minutes consumed. Which urges OGame registration - and you lawful tenant space expanses outlandish beauty. Account is created as follows: enter the game name, comes up with a password, e-mail tells the address, select the galaxy, you love to obey. Followed by the Agreement to take - and more! On the horizon the great deals! You start to play the game with a small OGame. Because first of all to keep out one planet, and that the intensity of resources, it is not allocated. Engage first production as relevant parts as alloy, crystal and deuterium. Oposlya may be perceived at the building site and then to estimate the acquisition of superior technology. This is nothing that your first spacecraft more than unpresentable. Over the years, you will be the owner of such amazing things technology as processor resources, solar satellite spy probe. OGame game predicts the time for a relaxing initial formation and development, because no one will be affected, until they have time to mature. Although be prepared for hot duels oposlya completion time frame. Ideality of all be meticulously prepared for battle. This touches the first military organization infrastructure, rebuild its fleet, the creation strip protection. Do not think that all military actions are reduced to self-defense. Brutal position and projects of the attack on the neighboring planet - Your right, which no one can undo. Find the middle ground between war and peaceful development, in order to secure your future! Will be very appropriate to join one of the alliances. Total fun can be more entertaining. Since therefore it is possible to achieve unimaginable success of! When you hear the phrase "one is a warrior," that is to take a good judge, rather than to be on it. Recaptures resources obey all fresh planet Fight bravely for his rule - Siim directly behind you and come here. Although not including the key challenges will be still a lot of small efforts. For example, you have to engage in trade and write entreaties to bargaining necessary things, to conduct research and to give enough time those. voprostsam, go to the intelligence and thought the event promising profit. As it should, if you are on a calling strategy, although if not, check the game OGame - perfect chance to practice and get the latest features. Start playing OGame and without help make a detailed, thoughtful, addictive and challenging gameplay you pologaetsya! Pleasant emotions and fortune in all endeavors!
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